How will you measure the worth of candidates? If you are going to stand on an employer’s view, you will not hire someone you barely know.  It’s the same thing as making buying decision. You will not buy a new product, even if it has quality. In fact, it’s been a practice to base choices from others who have tried the product. Thus, proofs and statements are your best way to persuade employers to hire you.

Meanwhile, an online resume review says that you can get help from LinkedIn recommendation feature. This drives many job seekers to join LinkedIn because people or groups can bring success to their job hunt. Meaning, you can use it to get referrals and good words from friends and links to depict a good image. Thus, making the most of LinkedIn groups can give you better hiring chances.

Take these tips to get relevant LinkedIn recommendations.

1. Look for the “Ask to be Recommended” Part. Go over a small icon at the top right corner of the screen, and click “Privacy and Settings.” Choose the “manage your recommendations” link. Then, go for the “ask for recommendations” to start getting social proof.

2. Choose people carefully. Increasing your connections in LinkedIn can give you powerful endorsements. But pick the right people who can speak well as regards to your skills and results of your good works.

3. Customize your message. If you don’t write your own note, LinkedIn will bring you to generic messages that you can use. But nothing is more moving than words that have a personal touch. Thus, make sure that you point out what that person should say in terms of your skills and experience working with you. Aside from this, you have to be in a kind and grateful tone as you are asking for requests. You may say that you can return this favor.

4. Show gaps in making appeals. You should not ask ten people at the same time. As this will be a race of buying off, instead of good notes. A more organic way still impresses hiring managers. Thus, spacing out your request is a reliable way of getting employers’ trusts. When it comes to building up your brand, being honest will move you near recruiter’s preference. So, see to it that you review your online resume in LinkedIn. From time to time, check out few good people who can your good side.

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