Online Resume Help: Increasing Your Connections in LinkedIn

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LinkedIn: online resume help
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Building a good network and connecting with other people is a must these days, particularly with the rise of networking sites for pros like LinkedIn. Through such social media sites, you can connect with your colleagues and target potential employers in your field. LinkedIn also made it easier to get updates with the current industry trends and job openings. Recruiters who are looking for applicants for vacant posts can also contact you stress-free.

Given the gains that await you, how do you increase your connections to make it happen? Read our online resume help to learn more.

How to Increase Your Connections

Increasing your connections will open many job opportunities for your career. To do so, always keep in mind these following tips:

  • Write an effective online career summary.
    People would likely to connect with you if you have a well-written online career summary. If you were able to include all the needed parts in your profile, people would surely find interest in you.
  • Post regular status updates.
    Regularly posting status updates is sign that you are an active user.
  • Share interesting content.
    If you are able to share some interesting content, which may come in a form of industry news or skills building tutorial, your connections can like or share it for more people to see. Soon several members will try to connect with you to get more of your interesting contents.
  • Like or favorite shared contents.
    Liking other content shared on this social networking site can help you build connections with those that shared them. This would give you the chance to connect with other users. Perhaps you can ask that user where he got the content or if you can share it with your friends.
  • Invite suggested connections.
    From time to time, LinkedIn will provide you with suggested users. Trace to whom these people are connected. This is a great way decide whether you should invite them or not.
  • Find people with same interests.
    LinkedIn makes it easy for you to find people with same interests as you. Take advantage of this option to increase the number of people in your network.

Heed these online resume help and you will surely be surprised on the growth of your network.

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