Relocation Comparison: Moving to Oklahoma

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Are you thinking of living and working in Oklahoma (OK)? Before doing so, you have to do a relocation comparison first to determine if the place will bring you better returns in terms of money. Consider the cost of living or COL, the employment rate and the minimum wage in the state. It would also useful for you to know the best jobs that are the most in demand.

Oklahoma: The Basics of Relocation Comparison

1.  Know the COL in OK.
Oklahoma is a good place to choose if your concern is just the COL, which is a lot lower than nation’s rate. Housing cost is the lowest in terms of cost and utilities, miscellaneous, grocery, health, and transportation costs are also below average.

2.  Look at Oklahoma’s employment rate.
The employment rate in Oklahoma is a lower than Tulsa.  Although number of jobless people could be high, it is still lower than Texas. From unemployment rate of 5.2% in January, it falls  at 4.5% as of June this year. The current average unemployment rate in the United States is at 6.2%.

Some of the most highest paying jobs in Oklahoma are:

  • Registered nurses                                                             – 10,980 (local jobs)
  • Accountants and auditors                                                 – 5,970
  • Elementary school teachers                                              – 5,940
  • Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing  – 4,650
  • Secondary school teachers                                                – 3,710
  • Lawyers                                                                                  – 3,270
  • Chief executives                                                                   – 3,170
  • Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing   – 2,460
  • Middle school teachers                                                       – 2,300
  • Financial managers                                                              – 1,910

3. Check out Oklahoma’s wage rate.
The least wage rate of the labor force in OK is $7.25. This is equal to the rate allowed by the government. Some of the highest paying jobs in the state are management, architecture, engineering, legal, social science, and health care occupations. Working in Oklahoma will let you earn $63, 650 to as high as $89, 240 depending on your field.

In your relocation comparison, consider the factors mentioned above to make the best decision for your career and future. Don’t think Oklahoma is right for you? See whether you match Michigan‘s lifestyle.

Photo credit: rutlo via Visualhunt / CC BY