Job hunting has never been as easy as today. With the emergence of job web sites like LinkedIn, it is more likely that employers will be looking for you instead of the other way around. You can take advantage of this by creating an online account and filling it up with useful info about your career and qualifications. Also include a powerful profile summary that gets the attention of employers. Here’s how you make a resume online.

One: Analyze all your professional job experience.

Place your employment records in order from the recent ones to the past. List all the feats and promotions that you received over the years. Choose those that you would want to highlight in your profile summary.

Two: Focus on building an identity.

After you have collected all needed info on your previous jobs and your accomplishments, choose which set of skills you would want to focus on. How do you want prospects to view your qualification? Are you an IT practitioner with three years of experience and focus on web design? Or are you an expert in networking with Cisco certification? Know where to focus on and what to emphasize.

Three: Include important keywords.

What are the keywords you would want viewers of your profile to notice? Make sure to include them in your summary. Usually, employers use particular keywords when searching for an applicant. If your summary contains some of them, it is more likely that your profile will appear in the search results. If your summary is convincing, the employer might click on your profile to read more information.

Four: Use short sentences and paragraphs.

Using short sentences will allow readers to easily understand your thoughts. Meanwhile, dividing your whole summary in paragraphs would make it more organized. Remember, the purpose of your summary is to give reviewers an idea of who you are as professional and what you can do. Make it easy for them to analyze your profile.

Five: Use a narrative tone.

Using a narrative tone in your summary will make it more interesting to read. It’s like telling your story to the reader. In doing so, make sure to include a theme for your summary. Is it you rise to success? How you are able to conquer career challenges? Or is it about the goals that you have been able to accomplish?

Before you make a resume online, make sure to sure to gather all needed resources that would allow you to create an interesting online career summary.


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