I am Rima, a veteran looking for civilian work. Being in the army all my life, I was dismayed to search for a job that fits my skill. Despite my training and technical skills, I found it hard to find work as a civilian.

True to form, after months of failed job hunt, my bills started to pile up. I saw my savings shrinking as days passed. Seeing this happen, I knew I had to move. That was the time I decided to get myself a resume that is up-to-date and will sell my skills. I was convinced of how important it is to get my resume cleaned up.

I must admit, updating my resume was the least of my main concern back then. I was far from being an expert at resume writing. Though I have a lot of work experience, I do not know how to put them into writing. Even after trying to tweak and change it, I did not even get a single interview. Thus, I thought of hiring a resume writing company.

Hiring an expert: a scary task

I know the scams of professional resume writers. Turning to them for help may not be the best thing to do. Why?

  1. Most are self-professed career mentors.
  2. Most have a lot of low-ball offers that seem too good to be true.
  3. They do not have guaranteed results.

Despite my reluctance to get my resume done, I started searching the Internet. Among hundreds of writing experts I found, I was impressed by the friendliness and expertise of Resume Professional Writers.

More than what I expected

The level of service and detail that was put by the writer into it was awesome. She gave me all the data I needed. I was more than content with her service.

Dianne, my writer, is very efficient and helpful. She assisted me along the way. What really amazed me was the way she changed my unique military skills and abilities into something that is clear and acceptable in the civilian workforce. Dianne made such changes in the content of my old resume. She used the right keywords for my work experience that brought in pleasing results.

More than that, from start to finish, Dianne did a hands-on style and made sure that I was pleased with the product.

I am grateful to Resume Professional Writers for doing such a brilliant job in revamping my resume.

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