Professional Sample Resumes by Industry

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Six employees dressed in suits to denote professional sample resumes in selected industry
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When your resume is not helping you get a job, you can always look at professional sample resumes for your industry. Search them out and use them as your guide. The more samples you check, the great ideas you can gain for your own job profile.

List of Industry Specific Professional Sample Resumes

Accounting and Finance

To get a job in this field, you should focus on your strengths and expertise. You should not dwell much on job roles but more on how you were able to further you past company’s fiscal health.


If you want to work in this field, you should focus on your administrative skills. List down your know-how on word processing and other office support tasks.

Customer Service

Good communication skills are the key to getting a job in this field. So customer service hopefuls should have a job profile that “communicates” this skill and the value they can offer.


Teaching skills are crucial for would-be educators. You must write them in your resume. Your copies must have details about your contributions to the academe.


An engineer’s job profile should mention all successful projects you handle. Your technical skills are a great selling points to nail the position.

Food Service

The food industry wants people who have skills to produce and process food. Thus, you should highlight your education, internships, and trainings related to this field.


Medical skills and trainings should be the focus of would-be healthcare pros. Wide-range of skills and knowledge to handle the tasks are good things to add in your resumes.


The travel and tourism business is growing and so is the need for efficient personnel. Your commitment to serve can boost your chance of getting the job in this industry.

Information Technology

Great skills in computer hardware and software, and deftness to create programs are great things to include in an IT resume. A list of common technologies and technical abilities also serve as vital parts of an IT resume.

Sales and Marketing

Same with accounting and finance, numbers play a big role in the job profile of a sales or marketing expert. You should market your skills to a hiring manager in the same way that you will sell your products.

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