Professional Resume Writers: When is the Best Time to Boost Your Job Search?

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Your written resume and keyword-rich cover letter are all prepared. Trusted career coaches have also optimized your LinkedIn Profile. Yet in the past 60 days, you haven’t heard from hiring managers. Don’t worry. Relax, sit back, and read. Here’s what professional resume writers reveal: there is a best time for everything. Yes, even in job search!

Professional Resume Writers Answer: Which Season Suits Your Preferred Job Interviews?

Did you know hiring cycles coincide with the seasons? Professional resume writers’ tip: figure the business cycles of your target industry to increase your hiring chances. Here’s rather the lowdown of hiring cycles according to the seasons.

Winter (21 December-20 March)

Hiring Scene: The hiring process is slow because of the holidays, but as the new year arrives, companies are back in business. Therefore, expect that hiring is also back in full force.

Pros: If you’re looking for temporary jobs, sales posts are in demand for the holidays. Come January, companies armed with their yearly budget are looking to replace those who left in the end of the year.

Cons: As companies return to work after the holidays, expect most job seekers to be active, too. Assume that the job search will be tougher because most will fill the job openings right away.

Tip: With years of experience in the field, professional resume writers will tell you it’s best to have your resume professionally revised during the holiday break. Likewise, include the feats you received within the year.

Spring (20 March-21 June)

Hiring Scene: Companies are still active with hiring, you can apply for positions not filled during the winter.

Pros: College graduates, this is your chance. Hiring managers are searching for you. If you’re targeting the Education field, look for possible teaching posts and school administrative jobs as the semester is about to end. Tourism and hospitality management fields are also preparing before summer hits.

Cons: Jobs are not as plenty as they are when the year started, yet the hiring season is still on the move.

Tip: Concentrate on a specific field, and don’t send your resume to every available job you see. Have a professional resume writer checked your resume to land the job that best fit you.

Summer (21 June-23 September)

Hiring Scene: Hiring processes are slow this time of the year. Yet contrary to popular belief, not every business goes on vacation during this period.

Pros: Don’t let your job search take a break. Keep submitting your written resume with your cover letter! Fewer competitors are out there this season.

Cons: If you target senior roles, expect that some key people are on vacation. Expect delays in your hiring process.

Tips: Take this chance to network. When summer hits, companies carry out flexible work schedule and relaxed deadlines. Scout for career coaches, and interview people who could help you improve your hiring journey, such as professional resume writers, and recruiters.

Autumn (22 September-21 December)

Hiring Scene: Hiring demands reach its second peak. As people return from vacation, businesses resume their regular operation.

Pros: Prepare to hit your second wind. Some consider it the best time for hiring as this is where departments are pushing for an increase to take advantage of the remaining budget.

Cons: Job openings are plenty until Thanksgiving—when it will remain slow until next year.

Tips: Now that your trusted professional resume writers revamped your resume, apply for jobs that best suit your strengths. Since you spent those lean months polishing your resume, you now have renewed confidence to continue your job search.

Professional Resume Writers Bonus Tip: The Ideal Clock Time to Apply

professional resume writers say thebest time to send your resume is in the morning

Note that the best time to send your application is between 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Otherwise, your chances will drop by 10% every 30 minutes you’re late. Hence, wake up early if you want to increase your odds.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call. As James Taylor’s song You’ve Got a Friend goes. Don’t stop pursuing your dream job. Speak to Resume Professional Writers‘ career development specialists, now!

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