Professional Resume Writers Tip: Your LinkedIn Profile Should Differ from Your Resume

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Do you belong to the 85% of job seekers who lie on their resume? Don’t worry I’m not judging. I know it’s not easy to find a job today, given that America has a record-low unemployment rate of 3.9% in August this year. I understand that you believe white lies are okay, because you must snag job interviews. However, did you know there’s another way to get that dream job? All right, listen up. My friends, who are professional resume writers, will share tips on how you could reach your career goal—building your LinkedIn profile.

Professional Resume Writers Answer: How Will Your LinkedIn Profile Differ from Your Resume?

In a dim, dark past, you once created a LinkedIn profile. Did you upload your resume and refer to it as the online version? While it’s a common practice for most people with years of experience, you must avoid doing it.

How and why, you ask? Let Resume Professional Writers, a professional resume writing company, shares the difference between your LinkedIn account and your written resume.

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Why are LinkedIn Profile and Resume Different from Each Other?

Contact details, check. Work experience, check. Educational attainment, check. Perhaps you’re asking, “They have similar sections, why are they different?” It’s because albeit they have the same slices, they have different functions. You tailor your resume to please a future employer. Meanwhile, your LinkedIn account allows you to network with colleagues across all industries. Your resume is your proof that you have skills worthy of the job opening, while your LinkedIn is your back-up evidence showing what you say in your resume is true.

However, even if they have different drives, you must make them coordinated. Once the hiring managers confirm your resume and LinkedIn profile do not match; then you just missed your chance.

How Should I Differentiate These Two?

You could differentiate your LinkedIn Profile from your resume into three levels. It’s more than the absence of the cover letter. Yet, their changes differ as you put more of yourself one level deeper.


The obvious difference is the length. If you just stick to two pages, at most for your resume, in your LinkedIn profile, however, you have free reign. This is because no page-limit happens. Now that you have the space, include detailed recounts of your work highlights, and how you played a role to achieve them. This is opposed to just stating a work experience, and its result on your resume.


Professional writers encourage you to use corporate tone in your resume. In your LinkedIn profile, professional resume writers suggest you may use your personal voice. Remember to use your LinkedIn profile to build your network. Aside from posting your experience, it pays to share your thoughts in the platform, too. This way, hiring managers could determine how you think.


Your LinkedIn should tell a bigger story. I know you’re tempted to lie in your resume before, as you might not have the skill needed for a job, or you have employment gaps you don’t know how to hide. Instead of forcing yourself to include made-up skills or lying on work experience, why don’t you try to network with people who can help you learn those skills? Career coaches say this is where LinkedIn comes in; you need to network with people who can help you gain influence, knowledge, and skills in the field you want to pursue. No more lies. Just learn to network.

Are you excited to revamp your LinkedIn profile and resume? Congratulations! If ever you need more than resume writing services to make your career get that much-needed boost, fret not, professional resume writers, your friends from Resume Professional Writers, have your back. Check back for more articles. Who knows, you might read pieces of career advice that will change your life?

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