Can A Resume Analysis Improve an Information Technology Resume?

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professional resume analysis
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A professional resume analysis is a great way to know if your resume is effective and if you need to make any change on it. But for the ever-changing field of information technology (IT), can such boost your resume and your chances for a job even after a hiatus? For me, it’s a yes.

When Returning to the IT Field after a Hiatus

It’s risky to take a break from any career, but leaving one from the technical field presents more challenges. Whether it’s due to retrenchment or resignation or reasons such as illness, pregnancy, or conviction, going back to your old job will be a challenge. In addition, employers need workers with up-to-date skills and experience. Without them, you may have trouble grabbing attention, more so if you want to go back to the same job and want a similar salary.

In taking a hiatus, you sacrifice your whole IT career. Re-entry will be a tough challenge if you’ve been jobless for months or years. Further, employers often view techies, who left the labor force a year or longer, stale even though their most recent position involved modern technologies. In addition, if your skills are irrelevant, although your underlying experience is still useful, the bar for returning is higher. A would-be program writer with knowledge in outdated programming languages is a perfect example.

Can A Resume Analysis Improve An Information Technology Resume?

How a Professional Resume Analysis Can Help

Although not the first step, revamping your IT resume plays a vital role in boosting your chances of reentering the workforce. But with nobody to guide you, figuring out which part needs a makeover will be difficult.
Add professional resume analysis into the picture. It involves a multi-step procedure of automated and manual resume assessment. The goal is to extract key details from your current resume in the most efficient manner possible.

Experts will give you constructive feedback and advice on how to transform your resume to a compelling and persuasive career marketing tool. They’ll measure how well a resume matches a job description and then suggest specific actions to improve it. The result will help you tailor your IT resume to increase your chances of landing an interview.

Resume Evaluation Checklist

Below are common parts where resume mistakes arise.

  • Composition – Are you selling yourself well or are you communicating well?
  • Grammar – Are you using proper English?
  • Diction – Is your word choice impactful?
  • Appearance – Is your resume easy to read?
  • Organization – Is your resume easy to follow?
  • Length – Is it too long or too short in some parts and lack enough description in others?
  • Spelling – Are there spelling mistakes that may turn off employers?

Tips for an Attention-Grabbing IT Resume

1. Understand the attention span.

As employers and hiring managers receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes daily, often they only scan resumes. Hence, break up chunks of texts into categories, and create bulleted lists to summarize key details.

2. Limit length.

Likewise, hiring managers lack enough time to read resumes. Always remember this and limit your copy to one to two pages only.

3. Highlight feats, not tasks.

While the list of tasks tells what you did each day, it doesn’t set you apart or highlight what you can bring to the company. Instead, focus on your feats and mention them.

4. Proofread and edit.

With proofreading applications and software aplenty on the web, spelling and grammar errors will be a serious crime if you’re returning to IT work. Make sure you run your resume in a spelling and grammar checker before sending copies to potential employers.

Critics can improve your IT resume even though you didn’t work for a long time. As long as you follow their suggestions to create a comprehensive resume, you’re in a good line. But, if you’re not confident enough in crafting your copy, it’s better to hire expert resume writers. Good thing, Resume Professional Writers does both resume writing services and free resume critique. So, if you’re looking for the best resume writing services to help you leverage your job hunt, talk to us today.


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