Exclude a Bad Boss from Your CV: Perfect Resume Template

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Writing the perfect resume template may annoy you, if you have a past or current bad employer (CBE). He may affect your chances and tarnish your name to potential employer (PE) if CBE gives you an unfair reference. Depending on the employer and the job’s role in your career plans, you can leave a bad boss off your resume or CV.

What You Should Do
  • Don’t let personal grudges butt in. An employer may be bad (in your eyes) due to his strict rules in the office or poor communication with his staffs. But this type of employer may not leave a bad reference for you if it’s for your career growth. Think whether the grudges toward your employer are personal or if your co-workers feel the same. If it’s just you, put your feelings aside and remain professional. Put him on your resume if the skills and job title relate to your target post.
  • Be picky. Leave CBE off your resume if the job does not help your search and career progress. Be careful when choosing what previous job posts apply to the one you’re seeking. Use only relevant experiences that can relate to your chosen field.
  • Talk with your current employer. PE may request to speak with CBE, even if you have not put the position on your profile. You can ask the PE not to contact CBE until they handed you a job offer. The situation may not favor you if PE contacts CBE for reference. This may anger him and you may lose the chance for the job.
  • Use your references wisely. Avoid giving the recruiter a link to your CBE if the latter is not your current one. In addition, do not use CBE as reference if it’s not relevant to the new position. Instead, get references from college professors and past employers who will likely give you a positive feedback on your character.
  • Use the functional format. If you really prefer not to give details of your bad experience, one possible refuge is the functional resume. This format organizes your work experience in terms of skills, instead of chronologically listing your work history. This is one way to hide the gap, but you should still be prepared to answer questions about it during the interview.

Taking these things in mind, we are confident that you can draft “the perfect resume template.” Feel free to contact us for more info about professional CV writing.


Image from geralt at pixabay.com

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