Writing a Perfect Resume for LinkedIn: Its Perks

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writing a perfect resume
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How people do tasks this Internet age has changed drastically from how they used to be. Shoppers used to go to the mall to buy goods or scan the yellow pages when they need services. Now, people do it with just an online search and a few clicks and will see the results on the screen.

Staffing methods have also changed. Firms find candidates through LinkedIn; hence, they don’t have to pay huge sums of money for job ads.

If you’re an applicant, what does this mean to you? Yes, this may mean upcoming breaks. What you need to do is learn the best way of writing a perfect resume for networking sites and acquaint yourself on how to use such sites to your gain.

Perks of Having a LinkedIn Account

Having a LinkedIn account gives you lots of perks if you’re doing a job search. There are many options you can use as a member of a professional networking site:

  • Profile summary. Having a summary of your credentials will make it easier for firms to find you on LinkedIn. By using the right keywords, you increase the chance of your name seen on search results when a user types a query.
  • Referrals. LinkedIn allows its members to refer another member for a specific skill. This boosts your integrity as a professional.
  • Status updates. By sharing status updates on your account, you boost your popularity with your contacts and your professional appeal to a future boss. Just be sure to share useful content.
Resume for LinkedIn

Making a resume for LinkedIn is much the same as doing a printed one, except for the feature that allows a user to upload photos. If you have a LinkedIn account, one way to gain from this feature is by uploading the company logos of your former employers.

One more useful feature of the web site is that it allows you to tailor your own URL. You can use your tailored URL for your job search. Adding it to your resume can increase your appeal to employers. In going through your copy, they can check the URL to explore your account and know more about you.

If you want to learn more on writing a perfect resume for LinkedIn, contact us at 1 (800) 845-0586. Expert writers can help you succeed with your job hunt.

Image from PeteLinforth at pixabay.com

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