People judge and they (or rather, “we”) are judgmental beings by nature. This is hard-wired in our brains and we can’t just shut it off. In fact, our ancestors used this instinct to survive as they assess if another being serves as a threat or not.

There’s nothing wrong with sizing up people at first glance, as long as you don’t make unnecessary assumptions or treat them differently based on your judgment alone. Just the same, let’s not be offended if others form their own opinion about us.

Let’s ponder on the little things we do that people use to judge us. Here are 9 of them:

1. Punctuality

Nobody likes a person who constantly shows up late; we usually assume they’re inconsiderate and selfish. However, according to science, individuals like this are simply more laid-back.

2. Handshake

A firm handshake reflects a confident and strong character; a limp handshake shows a timid and weak personality.

3. Handwriting

Your penmanship can indicate over 5,000 different personality traits; this is based on the size of your letters, spacing between words, letter shapes, Is and Ts, pressure, and signature.

4. Eye Contact

Most people find those who can keep the right amount of eye contact to be confident, genuine, and friendly.

5. Tidiness

Whether it’s your home or your office, people will make an assumption about you depending on its smell and the amount of clutter.

6. Shoes

According to Calvin Chik’s answer on Quora, the soles of a person’s shoes can indicate whether they’re confident or not. A self-assured person will wear out the heels of their shoes quicker as they lean back more; an insecure individual usually slouch and lean forward, wearing out the front portion the soles of his/her shoes.

7. Favorite Color

There are different takes on this; one Quora user said that a person who favors the color red has a desire for physical fulfillment. However, one Industrial Psychologist states that red-lovers are tenacious and determined.

8. Taste in Music

According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, people who prefer music that is complex tend to be more open to new experiences, while those who enjoy upbeat tunes are more likely to be athletic and outgoing.

9. Treatment of Staff

How a person treats waiters, security guards, and cleaning crews can say a lot about their personality. If you regard the staff with the same respect and friendliness like you would a CEO, then you are a real gem.

When you’re applying for a job in a company, always keep in mind that someone somewhere is looking at you and sizing you up. Be on your best behavior, exude confidence, and show humility. This is the best formula to make a great first impression.

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