Salary Relocation Calculator: Is Oregon worth the Move?

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Oregon salary calculator
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Looking at Oregon for relocation? Try to use an Oregon salary calculator when comparing the state with another one. Go online and look for this tool. All you need to do is input the needed details. Key in your current state and the place you want to move in. Some websites will even allow you to enter your job title and wage. But let’s know first what we need to input.

Getting to Know Oregon

Oregon (OR) is a state located in the Pacific Northwest of the US. It is the 9th widest and the 27th most populous state. Let’s see what this state can offer you. Below are the factors that can affect your choice:

Cost of Living (COL)

Based on the United States’ average of 100, Oregon’s total cost of living is 115.50. Compared with other states, OR has high COL. Below is the breakdown of aspects that affect the computation for COL, along with their figures:

Total 115.50
Grocery 99.4
Health 116
Housing 136
Utilities 97
Transportation 114
Miscellaneous 104

Unemployment Rate in Oregon

Employment rate in OR is doing well, based on the stats released by dept of numbers dot com. It’s unemployment rate went down from July 2013 to June 2014, as shown on the table below:

Date Unemployed
June 2014 131,281
May 2014 132,172
April 2014 131,588
Marc 2014 133,531
February 2014 131,949
January 2014 133,843
December 2013 137,193
November 2013 139,652
October 2013 142,435
September 2013 145,333
August 2013 147,897
July 2013 149,476

Oregon’s Career Growth

Oregon is the best place for professionals. In April 2014, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the top 10 highest paying jobs in OR. See the list below, along with their average salary:

  1. CEOs                                                                     $182,390
  2. General Pediatricians                                       $176,930
  3. Family and GPs                                                  $170,410
  4. General Dentists                                                $155,290
  5. Nurse Anesthetists                                            $151,650
  6. Physicists                                                            $145,610
  7. Podiatrists                                                           $135,240
  8. Architectural and Engineering Managers   $130,980
  9. Pharmacists                                                        $124,720
  10. Post- secondary Engineering Teachers        $120,730

Minimum Wage in Oregon

The minimum wage in OR is 9.10 dollars per hour. It is higher than that of most states in the country.

In summary, cost of living is a bit pricey, jobless rate is low, career growth is good, and salary is better than other cities. With these details of Oregon in relation to your career prospects, you are now ready to assess with the use of salary relocation calculator. Our expert writers are more than willing to help with your resume once you’re decided with the job offer.

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