Of all areas in the health care world, the emergency unit is the most demanding of all. If you work in this section of the hospital, you will always be up on your feet attending to various emergency cases. But if you are ready for all the action that it has to provide, prep your resume using the best sample resume for emergency nurses to serve as your guide.

What It Includes

Now if you are looking for a sample resume online, here are what to look for so that you’ll know how your own profile should look like:

  • Education and Trainings. A nurse will of course need to have earned a relevant degree. Aside from the main degree, trainings will boost your credentials, too. If you want to be an emergency nurse, you will need to take a diploma course in Emergency/Trauma Nursing to make sure that you’ll be prepared to face the tasks once you hold the job.
  • License and Certification. To be a part of the health care industry, you need to have earned your license to practice. Aside from being a registered nurse, earning other relevant certifications is also important. These are great items to see on a sample resume.
  • Work History. Working in the emergency unit is hard. You need to earn some health care experiences before working directly for a trauma center. You need to get used to the idea of being in a fast-paced work area as this is how it goes in the emergency unit.
  • Awards and Achievements. If you have earned some awards or met some work goals, you should also write them on your profile. A sample that carries this section will give you an idea on how to arrange your career profile from top to bottom.
  • Character References. Most people prefer to leave out the reference section on their resume, but in health care, it is vital. If you have a credible person to back you up during application, it will be a great addition on your resume. So include names of great individuals who know you well and can attest to your skills and good character.
White Spaces

Remember that aside from the facts on your job profile, you also need to think of how easy it will be for an employer to read your piece. Leaving enough white spaces is the way to do it so that it won’t look crowded.

So if you found a sample resume for emergency nurses with all these things on the list, then use it as your inspiration in creating your own profile.

If you can’t make your own piece, seek our help.


Image from Unsplash at pixabay.com