Out of the many, many stack of documents inside a hiring office, there’s a pretty good chance that you wondered at least once, “How can I have a noticeable resume among that pile?”

But relax, the jaded human resource manager actually read all those documents even just for a measly 6 seconds each. So don’t think that your efforts of preparing a resume will be such a waste. You just have to learn a few strategies to create a resume that will help you get noticed. So here’s a handful of advice on how to write one.

Tips in Writing a Noticeable Resume

a man entering the interview room after submitting his noticeable resume

1. Customize everything

Since you’re applying to a company that has a hundred prospects, passing a generic resume will only get you fast to the bottom pile. Sadly, anything that doesn’t impress the employer will get easily eliminated. Start basing your resume with the job ad, then kickoff with all the qualifications that match with what they need. If you’ll miss this crucial step,  you may lose the opportunity to the career.

2. Format and layout

Pick a simple font style that you are confident on. The best ones are those that help hiring managers skim the document easier. Stop grumbling why you only have a few seconds for the delicate first elimination phase. Instead, keep your focus on writing an organized and neat resume. They may not remember the particular key competency you have, but at least they will remember how your resume made them feel convenient.

3. Make it concise

Concise is simply a word for brief. It is an insider fact that hiring assistants and secretaries are the first to cut the big portion of applicants and not administrative officers. This screening stage eliminates a whooping 80-90% of the application documents. So never undermine the power of being simple and concise. Use industry-related jargons and avoid highfalutin terms because these people may find your vocabulary a bit absurd. You can actually be impressive while being straight to the point.

4. Network

Nothing can get you closer to the employers than having someone inside the company to recommend you. If you don’t know anyone in a company you really like, join associations and established groups of like professionals. Use social media to your greatest advantage. Be genuinely eager to get to know persons who became successful in the line of work and find out what distinguish them from others.

5. Include keywords

Most of offices in the hiring industry are now using the automated way of sifting through the pile of resumes. These cold scanners are too objective and simple that all you need to get is a bunch of possible keywords in order to pass the elimination. The catch is that you never know what these specific words are. Advice is, read the job posting. If there is any place where you will probably find the needed keywords, it is in the advertisement written by your very employer.

Lastly, never try dirty tricks. If you think that a bit of color and glitters here and there will grab the eye of your hirer, you bet. But it will only be an eye-candy in a negative sense. Learn how to write a noticeable resume without being a red herring among the pile.


Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net | Pexels.com