If you decide to move to North Carolina (NC), expect southern warmth at its best! What else to expect? Job growth, a wise cost of living, and a good pay are what sets it far from the rest. You may use a salary relocation device to find out if the state is a best place to live.

Getting to Know North Carolina through Salary Relocation Tool

NC is a state in the Southeastern United States. It is the 28th widest and 10th most populous of the 50 United States. It has helpful people, choice of cities, suburbs, beachfront house or rural areas in the mountains or in the coast. These features are is best for all.

  • Career Growth

Do you belong in the medical field? Then, North Carolina is the right place for you! Below are the top 10 highest paying jobs and its average wage based on usawage.com

  1. Other Specialists Dentists                      $186,380
  2. Psychiatrists                                              $184,570
  3. Other Physicians and Surgeons            $182,170
  4. Family and GPs                                        $180,330
  5. General Pediatricians                              $176,600
  6. General Dentists                                      $176,220
  7. Nurse Anesthetists                                  $147,850
  8. Podiatrists                                                 $140,780
  9. Natural Sciences Managers                   $131,270
  10. Pharmacists                                              $125,230
  • Cost of Living in North Carolina

The perception exists that NC has a low cost of living and high quality of life. It has beachfront house or mountain homes, mid-size cities or suburbs. NC offers something for nearly everyone at every income level or demographic. Based on the United States’ average of 100, NC’s cost of living is 95.40. Cash-out is lower compared with the cost compared to other states.

Total 95.40
Grocery 103.3
Health 102
Housing 85
Utilities 97
Transportation 98
Miscellaneous 101
  • North Carolina’s Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in NC is 7.25 dollars per hour. It is the same with the mandated lowest wage in the US. It means that working here is not a bad idea.

  • North Carolina’s Unemployment Rate

We can say that the employment rate in North Carolina is doing well based on the stats released by deptofnumbers.com. Shown below are the rates from July 2013 to June 2014.

Date Unemployed
June 2014 299,313
May 2014 301,455
Apr. 2014 292,122
Mar. 2014 295,473
Feb. 2014 297,070
Jan. 2014 310,974
Dec. 2013 323,094
Nov. 2013 333,838
Oct. 2013 348,186
Sept. 2013 359,522
Aug. 2013 372,467
July 2013 382,204

Based on the given details above, it looks like moving to NC is a sound idea. Salary range and relocation jobs are good on the health care sector. All you need now is an effectively written resume to start with your job search in North Carolina. Do you want to try looking at another state’s relocation calculator? Why don’t you check out Maine.