Secrets to Achieving Your 2018 Career Goals

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new year's resolutions for 2018
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Sometimes, you compel yourself to make New Year’s resolutions when you say hello to another chapter in your life. Since you’ll find several write-ups to guide you in achieving your personal ambitions, this article will zoom in on planning and meeting your new year career goals.

Best New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Career in 2018

Best New Year'S Resolutions

Make 2018 your most productive employment year with these new year goals compiled by Fast Company & Inc.

1. Lessen your workload.

If you’re aiming for a raise or a promotion, will spending more time in the office or taking more responsibilities be effective? Doug Ringer, however, assumes otherwise. The president of Doug Ringer Consulting claims it’s better to “get a life” because burned out employees can’t perform well. Try to balance your career and personal life rather by lessening your workload and taking time to recharge.

2. Set goal limits.

Ringer adds, “If you have more than three goals, you have no goals.” While it’s crucial to set career goals, he argues that putting greater than three big goals may dilute your efforts and let you accomplish little. Prioritize and accomplish your goals one by one to bring value to the company always.

3. Get a part-time job.

Donna Shannon explains that others work better at their day jobs if they have extra income or a side business that can keep them confident and secured. The founder of Personal Touch Career Services also states that “The lack of dependency on a single paycheck will make them better contributors for their employers.” In fact, she thinks these people aren’t afraid to take risks and express their opinions because they’re less worried about losing their jobs.

4. Know your true career goals.

Instead of aiming for a raise or promotion, the CEO of IMPACT Group, Lauren Herring suggests you “Go a bit deeper and ask yourself what your career goals are.” She further advises that to move in the right direction, discover the “specific next steps,” and then plan how to get there.

Practices That Keep You from Achieving Your New Year Goals

Reasons Why New Year'S Resolutions Fail

“Research shows that 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolution by the 2nd week of February!” says business and life coach Tony Robbins on Instagram. Most online studies even support this claim. Therefore, if you want your 2018 career goals to materialize, check first why most people fail to achieve them.

1. You want them all A.S.A.P.

If your career goals involve getting a raise or promotion, you can’t achieve them overnight. Hence, instead of trying to manage everything at once, taking small, steady steps will bring you closer to your goals without even noticing it.

2. You are too busy.

You can set as many goals as you want. Yet, without time to do them, they’re useless. No one can adjust time; however, you can always learn how to reach your goals.

3. You fear failure.

When you worry about the outcome of what you don’t start yet, it won’t take you anywhere. Failures are part of our lives. In addition, don’t see them as embarrassments but use them as stepping stones to achieve your goals.

4. You are full of excuses.

Excuses are for losers. Therefore, if you want your goals to happen, don’t let excuses stall your progress. If challenges come, learn to handle them and devise tactics to conquer them.

5. You give up too fast.

As the adage expresses, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Instead of quitting every time you face challenges and failures, pause and frame ways to overcome them.

You need not wait for another year to see your career goals happen. Your New Year’s resolutions for 2018 will push you to start them right. Try to achieve them by heeding these expert tips for a more successful career and a more productive year.

Infographic: The Secret To Achieve Your 2018 Career Goals - Resume Professional Writers

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