Have you ever felt frustrated reading career help tips that don’t work? Though pieces of advice from self-acclaimed experts greatly help, sometimes, they’re not what you need.

Online Resume Revamp

Job search has always been challenging.The adverse effects of economic recession, cutbacks, automation, and outsourcing have been apparent for the past few years. There’s no doubt that a lot of applicants are still facing the dilemma of job search competition.

Apparently, there are no shortcuts to finding a job. Whether you are a newly graduate looking for your first work or an unemployed shifting to a different career, you will need to start from scratch.

And literally, you would have to deal with scratches. You would need to get a piece of paper and write a stirring resume that will get you to your dream job.But if you think that you already have a good one, congratulations! You are one step closer for that interview. However, if your resume does not bring you any luck, maybe this is the best time for a revamp.

There are a lot of resume writing tips on the Internet. You can easily find tutorials that promise a “new look” for your document. However, they do not guarantee a one-size-fit-all resume. Your application should be tailored perfectly based on the employer’s requirement. Remember, you should impress and not depress the hiring manager. So, write a resume that highlights your skills and expertise and sells your top-notch qualities to your potential boss.

Since most hiring processes happen online, why not go beyond the traditional resume writing and submission? If you want to jump start your search through online resume, www.resumeprofessionalwriters.com reviews tips that can help you gain a competitive advantage:

  • Clear and Concise Objectives. According to Beth Brown, co-author of “Damn Good Resume Guide”, objectives can sound pretentious and can often do more harm than good for a candidate. Thus, keep your objectives short and straight forward. They will not only attract the applicant tracking system but will also give your hiring manager’s eyes a relief.
  • Up-to-date Contact Information.Your name, phone number, and address are equally important; thus, they should always be placed at the top portion of your resume. Additionally, you may also include a QR code, typically used for storing URLs to link hiring managers to a digital version of your resume.
  • Embed or Hyperlink Media.Unlike the traditional resume, you can embed or hyperlink media, video presentations, and audio files in online resumes. This is greatly helpful for graphic designers and video editors who want to add a visually appealing element to their applications.
  • Keywords. Most applicant tracking systems match resume searches with keywords. Though data crawler may recognize abbreviations, it’s better if you use specific and/or different keywords that correspond to your employers’ requirement.
  • Filename. Save your resume with a relevant file name. According to Sal Loukos, a resume screener, using file names such as “marketing director” or “project manager’ is more likely to get past the filters than “my resume”.

Sure there’s a lot to learn about online resume writing. But should you need more information, seek more help from the experts. Visit www.resumeprofessionalwriters.com.