Living in Nevada (NV), anyone? Perhaps this is one of your target states to live in. But don’t just transfer yet. Consider a few things before you decide. Get a Nevada salary relocation calculator to help you grasp things better and make a good choice. With it, you will know the pros and cons of your life-changing pursuit.

Moving to Nevada? Here’s an Easy Process

One thing that you ought to do to come up with a good decision is to compute for the cost of living (COL) of the place that you target. There’s an easy way to do this task. Just go online and look for web sites that offer free COL calculator. Let this tool do the math!

Using it, you need to input a few details. Put your current location and the place where you want to move in. The site will then show a comparison of data between these two places. COL is determined by assessing costs of basic human needs.

Without a doubt, this tool is easy to use. But it may not be enough to help you decide on relocation issues. Thus, it is better that you know the actual figures.

Nevada Stats You Need to Know

Below are sets of data pertaining to NV:

  • Cost of Living

The Missouri Economic Research and Info Center reports that Nevada ranked 22nd on the list of states with the highest COL during the first quarter of 2014. It had an index of 100.2, one of the highest in the Southwest region.

States with the highest COL were (in order): HI, DC, NY, AK, NJ, CA, CT, OR, MA, and RI.

  • Employment Rate

BLS says that there were approx. 1,266,700 workers in Nevada in June 2014. Its unemployment rate was 7.7. North Dakota had the lowest rate (2.7) and Rhode Island had the highest (7.9).

  • Minimum Wage

DOL data state that minimum wage rates in Nevada are $8.25 (if workers do not receive health benefits from employers) and $7.25 (if they receive health benefits).

Tips to Consider When You Move to Nevada

With these pieces of info, you might get hints on the pros and cons of moving to Nevada and the kind of life that you could have once you settle in this state.
The good news for you is that there are many hot jobs that await in NV.

If you want to live and work here, use a Nevada salary relocation calculator to start your pursuit. Then get ready with your job search. Not ready to settle down yet? Here’s an idea: check whether New Hampshire is right for you! Worried about how to write your resume?Fret not, seek our help. Contact 1 (800) 845-0586.