Sure you’ve heard and read a lot of bad things about Mississippi (MS). And you might not want to try to live here. Believe it or not, working in Mississippi is not bad at all. In fact, you can enjoy life here to its fullest. To know the truth, get a relocation cost of living calculator and find out how much it will cost you to live in the Magnolia State.

Use the Relocation Cost of Living Calculator

Go online and you will find lots of Websites that has COL calculator for free. There’s no need to download or install a program. You just have to input details. Put your current state and the place where you want to move. The site will then compare these two places and will show you the results. The data pertains to the differences on costs of basic needs. Though this tool is easy to use, this may not be enough to help you come up with a good decision. Thus, it is better that you know the actual figures.

Gather These Stats When You Consider Mississippi

Here are sets of data that pertains to MS:

  • COL
    An online report by the Missouri Economic Research and Info Center proved that Mississippi led the list of states with the lowest COL during the first quarter of 2014. It had an index of 87.8. The states with the highest COL were HI (index: 162.9), DC (139.6), and NY (132.2). This shows that you only need to spend less to make it in MS.
  • Mississippi’s Employment Rate
    BLS says that there were close to 1,165,900 workers in MS in June 2014. Its unemployment rate was 7.9, same with that of RI. ND had the lowest rate with 2.7.
  • Wage
    Based on DOL data, there is no median wage rate in Mississippi. This means that workers’ pay vary across the state.

Moving to Mississippi? Take these Tips

Before you move to a  new place, you have to assess your action. If you want to live and work here, use relocation cost of living calculator to start your pursuit. It is crucial because it can affect your life and career. You have to weigh in on all factors to make a good choice in the end. With these facts, you get hints about the pros and cons of moving to MS.

As for the good news, there are many hot jobs that you can grab if you are contemplating on working in Mississippi. Not yet ready to move here? Let North Carolina entice you with what it has to offer. So get ready with your job search and a good resume. If you can’t write your resume, seek our help.