To choose a place to work and live, don’t just look at the stunning lake and shore. Yes, Minnesota (MN) can give you these wonders, but you need to look on the gainful side, too. What else can the state give you? To find out if it’s a good choice to move in, use a Minnesota Salary Calculator. This tool helps you weigh if the state can arm you to outdo the overheads. But before you compute, check out these things first:

Things to Check in Minnesota Before Considering Relocation

Minnesota’s Cost of Living (COL)

MN has a COL that is 3.2% higher than the nation’s median. But you still find the prices here cheaper than the nearby states, North Dakota (ND). The new MN tax rate is pushing up the prices of foods and other goods. The state will get a 9.85% tax for those who have $150,000 income and above. Meanwhile, home cost here has a median price of $173,400. You cannot find this low home sale price in ND.

Job Outlook in Minnesota

Number of jobless people fall at the rate of 4.5%. With a low unemployment rate, expect that most people can get a good job. Wide job prospects are in the field of business and finance, health care, and trucking. You can work as a salesperson, cashiers, healthcare aides, food service workers, office clerks, childcare workers, and drivers.

Wage Rate of Workers in Minnesota

One good reason to live in MN is its high wage rate. In fact, it pays greater wage than what ND gives to its workers. As such, most workers in ND move to the state. What’s more, the rate is going to rise every year until 2016. Lawmakers have agreed to enforce an unlike wage hike for large and small trades. If you will work for a firm with a gross earn of more than $500,000 a year, you will get a high pay, too. You will get $8 an hour this August 2014. Then get an hourly pay of $8.50 in 2015 and $9.50 by 2016. While working for small-scale business with less than $500,000 gross income, gives you a low wage cap. You can get $6.50 an hour wage this August 2014. This will rise to $7.25 in 2015 and $7.75 by 2016. By 2018, the wage hike goes with the price increase, but this shall not go above 2.5% per year.

Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in the US. Could it be because of a good life where you can pay for the things you need? Get a salary calculator to know if relocation in MN is indeed a healthy one.

Are you now certain in moving to Minnesota? If you’re not ready to commit, check out Nevada! If you want experts’ advice to help you look at the job market, why don’t you try checking out these Frequently Asked Questions?