Before you pack your bags and make a decision of moving to Michigan, let’s look first at the information about this state. Cost of living, work rate, and wage are the things you need to know, especially if you belong to the working force. These factors will have a great effect on a relocation comparison.

Facts about “Great Lake State” Michigan

Michigan (MI) is the 11th widest and 9th most populous among the 50 states. Let’s see what this state can offer you. Below are the things that will help you decide.


If you want to move to Michigan, always ready your umbrella. The state gets an average of between 30 and 40 inches of rainfall per year. In the winter months, the nearness of the Great Lakes can cause heavy snowfall.

The Michigan Education

Excellent opportunities await you in MI! It supports a high quality public school system for students of all ages.

Cost of Living

Based on the United States’ average of 100, Michigan’s cost of living is 88.80. It is low compared to most of the states.

Cost of Living Rate
Total 88.80
Grocery 95.5
Health 96
Housing 69
Utilities 102
Transportation 101
Miscellaneous 98

Michigan’s Unemployment Rate

The employment rate in MI fell within a span of one year. It is based on the stats released by Below is a table that shows MI’s recorded rates from July 2013 to June 2014.

Date Unemployed
June 2014 357,408
May 2014 354,028
Apr. 2014 352,181
Mar. 2014 355,166
Feb. 2014 362,946
Jan. 2014 367,211
Dec. 2013 387,465
Nov. 2013 396,697
Oct. 2013 406,104
Sept. 2013 415,094
Aug. 2013 422,005
July 2013 424,354

Career Growth

Are you in the healthcare field? If yes, then, finding a job in MI is easy for you! Below are the top 10 highest paying jobs and their average salary based on

  • Psychiatrists                                                                $177,890
  • Family and GPs                                                           $177,390
  • Nurse Anesthetists                                                     $169,700
  • Pediatricians                                                                $166,640
  • Other Physicians and Surgeons                               $165,810
  • CEOs                                                                             $154,870
  • General Dentists                                                         $153,620
  • Airline Pilots, Co-pilots, and Flight Engineers        $132,710
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons                              $127,980
  • Physicists                                                                      $123,900

Michigan’s Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in MI is 7.40 dollars per hour and will rise to 8.15 dollars per hour by Sept. 2014.

You still have enough time to pack your things and throw a party! Based on the given stats for relocation comparison, it looks like moving to Michigan is not a bad idea after all. Not a fan of rainy days? You could always check Mississippi, instead! As for your resume, our expert writers are more than willing to guide you. Contact us now!