Thinking about salary and relocation concerns before grabbing a job offer? You’re in the right track! If you want to relocate to Maine, you’ll fall for their blueberries and lobsters. However, these things can lure you but can never assure you of success in life. Are you ready to discover what Maine has to offer?

To know if the Pine Tree State is a good place for relocation, find out if the salary that you will get can sustain your needs. Compute for your expected wage and expenses. Then ask yourself: “Can the job give me enough money to make a living?,” “How much money can I save?”

Vital Factors to Consider When Moving to Maine

But your pursuit is not just about salary and relocation. Consider some other vital factors for you to come up with a good decision. Try to consider the following factors:

Maine’s Cost of Living (COL)

Based on Sperling’s Best Places report, Maine’s COL is 4.2 percent, higher than the median rate. Although prices are high, you can still afford the goods here than its nearby state, New Hampshire. If you will mete out your overheads, you will find out that you will need to spend more on housing costs. If you are going to buy a house, you will spend $172,200. Food and groceries will cut 15% off your wage. The 6% is for utilities, and 7% is for your health care. Clothing and other services will get 32% of your take-home pay.

Job Outlook in Maine

US’ unemployment rate in June 2014 was 6.2%. Maine had 5.5%. Economists say that if a state has a lower rate of jobless people, aspirants have higher chance of getting a good job. The health care sector remains the key searcher for large workforce. As such, diving into this line of work can give you a steady job. Likewise, you can find work in the fields of business, sales, admin support, and food services.

Maine’s Wage Rate

Maine salary rate is higher than the median cap of $7.50 per hour. If you are a Registered Nurse, you can earn as much as $60,000 a year, or $29 an hour. Combing the Bureau of Labor statistics, you will find that working as a general dentist can give the highest pay of $191,090 per year. If you are an architect, engineer, CEO, court judge, or in any health care position, you can earn a six-digit pay.
Although the COL shows five-point higher than the nation’s median, this should not shove you off the Maine’s land. Now, if you compare COL against your high salary, relocation to Maine can give you more savings. Overall, moving to ME promises a good life.

If you want advice or help on the current job market and demands, ask career experts.

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