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Our expert professional federal resume writers will match your qualifications with each job vacancy announcement to help you land you desired government job.

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Federal Resume

$ 300
  • Cover letter
  • Word and PDF resume copies​
  • ASCII version after finalization​
  • 3-5 business days turnaround time

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We write resumes with the ultimate goal of getting you hired. Thus, we make sure that you are satisfied with our services. You can request for revision until you receive a resume that you are pleased with.

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With an annual satisfaction rating of 96%, we assure you of our competence to bring you interview-winning and quality professional resumes.


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Around 87% of our professional resume writers have been with us since year 2000 with training programs that deepen and widen our expertise.
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Besides writing professional-looking and keyword-optimized resumes, our edge lies on making them pass for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
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Satisfaction Guarantee​

We make sure that you are satisfied with our services. You can request for revision until you receive a resume that you are pleased with.

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Federal Resume Writing Service

Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, and here’s why: Landing a job in federal agencies isn’t a walk in the park. Despite their credentials and previous job experiences related to their target federal post; these job seekers undergo a stringent, bureaucratic process in applicant screening, making the entire job search arguably more cutthroat than civilian applications. In addition, some job announcements might have been posted online, but they are only there for the sake of formality—having already eyed a suitable candidate while other job hopefuls vie to snag the post.

This is where federal resume writing services come in—they write federal resumes that warrant your job application a closer look. Resume Professional Writers employs career experts in both federal resume writing and military to civilian transition resume writing; and equips them with the skills and experience to clearly communicate your qualifications through a well-written federal resume.
As we’ve mentioned, the competition in federal applications can’t be overstated enough. Add to that the fact that federal agencies have begun adopting the use of applicant tracking systems in their resume screening process. These are some of the reasons countless job hopefuls have resorted to hiring federal resume writing services.

Having that said, the question of how effective a service is ultimately depends on the resume writing company that provides it. This is why doing research on who to hire is key to ensuring that you entrust your career to a company that would give you a federal resume that’s worth every last penny you paid for. In line with this, our federal resume services have helped thousands of applicants land their target federal jobs, and we don’t intend to slow down anytime soon.
Unlike most companies offering federal resume writing services, we offer an unlimited number of revisions until our clients are satisfied. Nevertheless, this applies to unfinished projects within six months from the signup date for the service.

Also worth noting are changes that can be considered revisions. These include modifications needed to target the content of the federal resume to the job announcement number the client has provided either to the questionnaire or to the resume writer. This means that changing your job announcement number midway through the resume writing process isn’t considered a revision. Instead, you would be encouraged to purchase an additional federal resume to reflect the requirements stated in the new announcement number you now prefer.
our job announcement number serves as your target job, and each target job differs from the other when it comes to specific requirements. This also indicates the window the said job would be open to applicants. Hence, federal resume writers would be able to deliver your resume well before the deadline.

Another reason we required you to provide the JA# is that we do not want to compromise the quality of your resume. As previously stated, the federal job market is more cutthroat than the civilian applications, and it employs a different writing approach. Thus, we encourage our clients to provide us with the JA# at least 7 to 10 business days away from the actual deadline.

Finally, each JA# has its unique requirements for each applicant. These include how your resume should be written and if you will need supporting documents such as Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA); Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ); and more.


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