The job market is currently cutthroat and standing out proves to be a challenging feat. It’s the same case even when you’re already employed; how can your boss see you as someone worthy of more responsibilities, a higher pay grade, and maybe even a promotion? Being bilingual—or multilingual—can be your key to open doors for more career opportunities.  So how does learning Spanish, namely a second language, boost your professional image?

Advantages of Learning Spanish for Job Hunters

1. Shine Brighter than Other Applicants

Most hiring managers are aware that people who speak and understand two or more languages are intelligent. When HR skims through your resume and sees that you are bilingual or multilingual, they’ll be more inclined to spend a few more minutes reviewing your application.

2. Can Engage with Clients and Hiring Managers in Their Native Language

What better way to make a client comfortable than building rapport with them using their mother tongue? When you have accomplished learning Spanish, you guarantee good results to your employers which makes you a vital part of the team.

3. Viewed as an Asset to Broaden Employers’ Ventures

According to Factank, a real-time analysis and news about data website, Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in U.S. homes, even among non-Hispanics. So if a company plans on appealing to the Latino market in the near future, instead of asking employees to try learning in Spanish, they just hire candidates who speak fluent Spanish. Are you read to make it happen?

Advantages of Learning Spanish for Current Employees

1.  Improve Your Relationship with Clients and Colleagues

It’s a proven fact that we are more drawn to people who communicate using other languages. When you try your hand in learning Spanish, you can use this trait to build connections and help them in the present or the future.

2. Incite Great Customer Experience

Spanish-speaking clients or customers will feel more comfortable if you converse with them using their native tongue. Customer service, including learning Spanish, is an important part of a business’ success. Being able to communicate with a Hispanic client without the need for an interpreter makes everything more comfortable and efficient.

3. Serve as Your Edge to Get that Promotion.

When managers are looking to fill a high position, they look at employees who are the most valuable, useful, and flexible. If you’ve shown how effective and efficient you are, being fluent in Spanish can be the cherry on top that can shoot you to that coveted post.

Learning Spanish or any new language is no longer a luxury because it is now a necessity if you want to find greater, wider career opportunities. What are you waiting for? Create a resume that will showcase your skills and impress hiring managers with your literacy prowess.

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