A job title should not really be that important as long as your main responsibilities are in line with your goals, right?

In the past, when employees used to hold jobs for 20 to 30 years, I can agree that there’s no need for people to fuss over titles.

But in this day and age job titles are becoming more important, because it’s no longer usual for employees to stay in one company their entire professional life. So if you’re going to change your career, it’s truly necessary for your job title to reflect what you do and how important it is.

How does it affect the job hunt process?

We all know that having a better sounding label is fulfilling. However, there are companies that are very strict when it comes to giving job positions and titles. This is where your problem starts.

When you’re about to apply for the same position in another company, there may be some instances wherein your previous duties and experiences don’t meet their expectations.

In the end you’ll have to settle for a lower post.

How can you get past it?

On resumes, using vague labels will confuse hiring managers and employers. So it’s more advisable to put an alternate description next to the original one.

But if your job title exceeds what you usually do, you have no other choice but to work hard to truly earn it. You can talk to your supervisor and request to be trained for the added duties.

Keep in mind that hiring managers and employers receive a lot of job applications every day. Be sure that your resume contains all the important information.

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Source: Careerialism, Preferred Resumes.com
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