7 Effective Job Hunting Tips to Consider after Graduation

think outside the box - job search tips no. 7
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Congratulations on getting through your college years! As you leave your student life behind, you’re about to welcome a new one as a career person. Are you excited? Great! Before you imagine your future workspace or work colleagues, think first of what you should do today to find the best job for you.

Many fresh-level job seekers lost their path in finding their dream jobs out of excitement, confusion, and lack of orientation. Don’t make the same mistake. Consider these job search tips and you’re guaranteed to make your way right to the career you want.

1. Do some deep thinking

do some deep thinking - job search tips no.1

Before you begin your job search, take a moment to ponder and ask yourself these questions:

“What do I like to do?”
“What am I good at?”
“What are the things am I interested in?”

This will help you align your interests and the skills you’ve gained during college to the requirements of your target job.

2. Research

research - brilliant job hunt tips no.2It’s easy to find your dream job, but it takes effort to spot one that suits you best. Every company has its own personality and culture. Invest time to research the company’s environment: are they laid-back or strict? Do they require business casual attire or casual? Will their environment help you develop your skills?

3. Work on your goal

work on your goal - brilliant job search tips no. 3Here’s the reality: most companies look for applicants who have years of experience in which newly grads lack of. To fill in the standards, accept internships or consider freelancing and working on related projects. That way you will have something to add to your resume and make recruiters notice you.

4. Seek career help

seek career help - brilliant job search tips no. 4When in doubt, seek career help of your professors or college career counsellors about the possible companies that might be hiring. They can also give you pieces of advice that will help you a lot in your job hunting game.

5. Grow your network

grow your network - brilliant job search tips no. 5Most of your connections during college know who you are and what you can become in the future. Start networking with your old and new college friends, acquaintances, and mentors. Who knows? They might be your blessing in disguise to get into the business.

6. Think outside your degree

think outside your degree - brilliant job search tips no. 6Sometimes the perfect can’t be found in your “to-apply-jobs” list. For instance, if you graduated in business management course but you’re also passionate in writing, why not consider a copywriter position? Remember that the idea here is not only to start your career, but to find a job where you’ll grow as well.

7. Take an offer

take an offer - brilliant job search tips no. 7Some of your dream jobs don’t pay salaries as high as you might expect. But this doesn’t mean you will not find wonderful opportunities. Keep in mind that if you love what you’re doing, the satisfaction you get will be greater than the pay itself. So if someone offers you a job that you might want to consider, go for it.

Here’s a bonus tip: double-check your resume and cover letter. Make sure you use the proper format and include only the necessary information to your resume. If you haven’t constructed your cover letter yet, don’t worry. Get this cover letter we made just for you!

To learn more, here are the ways you should avoid writing in your cover letter. Otherwise you’ll ruin your chance to be considered for the job. Good luck!

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