How to Stay Optimistic in Job Hunting at Age 50 and Up

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Many companies now see the value of hiring mature people; thus, they offer equal opportunities to job seekers whether young or old. Yet even with many jobs hiring older workers, still plenty of aged job applicants lose hope and get discouraged in pursuing their quest.

If you’re a baby boomer (those born within two decades after World War II) and still want to be a part of the workforce, then pursue it. Along with your rekindled passion, you need to be confident as you apply. The hunt will be tough, but you can win it!

Tips to Finding Jobs Hiring Older Workers

How can baby boomers like you keep a positive outlook amid the job hunt despite your work experience?

1. Be proud of yourself

You shouldn’t hide the dates on your resume. If you’re not changing career paths and haven’t thought your experience can boost your hiring chances, then break the 10-year rule. Arrange your work history in reverse chronological order and, if possible, add a section for earlier careers.

2. Highlight your positive qualities

With age comes a wide range of experiences you can highlight to your gain. Include positive traits that recruiters expect from job seekers your age. For example, your filing and scheduling skills still matter today even if most firms have gone paperless.

3. Incorporate “modern” skills

Jobs hiring older workers choose those with up-to-date skills. List your computer literacy and technical acumen. Likewise, show that professionals aged 50 or over can grasp and use modern technology.

4. Focus on what you can offer

Give hiring managers a glimpse of what you can contribute to the success of the business. On your resume, include job-related skills. Through this, you can highlight your qualifications instead of your tenure.

5. Look for an inspiration, a mentor

Avoid toxic people to keep yourself away from negative thoughts. Surround yourself with workers that set good examples. Seniors who went through a similar circumstance as you can be good role models. Likewise, find a mentor that can coach you on the specifics of jobs hiring older workers. The key here is to find someone who can grasp well the challenges you’re facing and cheer you until you succeed.

6. Be open-minded

Don’t be fussy. For example, you qualify for a post but couldn’t accept the offer because of its flexible schedule. Remember recruiters aren’t keen on giving full-time work to employees nearing their retirement. A flexible schedule may be the best choice for workers in their 50s.

7. Undergo training

One excellent way to boost your confidence is to gain knowledge, skills, and certificates. Training on computer software and social media will not just make you qualified, but help you overcome the tendency of managers to choose younger applicants.

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