Do you want to earn more? One best thing to do is to look for are the highest paying cities based on salary comparison.

In fact, even the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that wages differ from city to city. So do not be surprised if you can take a big pay in this city and less in that city.

Highest Paying Cities: Where to Look for a Job

In doing salary comparisons by city, you will find that some areas have different wage rate. If you want to earn big, go after these cities that give a well-off pay:

  • San Francisco, CA

    Tag as a first-rate city, it takes pride of its culture, job prospects, and skilled employee. It has tech, health care, business, and social service works. Let’s take family and general physicians. They get $182,470 per year, and this makes them the top paid job in the city. A registered nurse gets $110,630 per year, which is more of what they can get from other cities.

  • San Jose, CA

    With the surge of tech business, of course, the city gives well-heeled pay to its people. Tech-based workers who do and design web, program software, and info tech thrive in the region. If you have skills in these jobs, you can bring home a $90,760 pay. Expect to get $25,000 more; where, in fact, the common pay for this job is $62,500.

  • New York City, NY

    The city of Big Apple is handing over a rich life to its workforce. As the core of world trade, it is a hub of finance business. As such, accountants, sales managers, and analyst gain much in the city. For example, the usual pay for CPA’s is $63,550 per year. But in New York, you can earn $91,240 a year, which is larger than what other cities pay.

  • Nassau, NY

    The city is a prolific place for construction and social services. BLS says that plumbers, cement masons, and other building workers get a big pay here. Aside from these jobs, teachers get as high as $95,420, which is bigger if matched with other cities.

  • Vallejo, CA

    The city is a great place for health care experts. Not just because of huge wage, but because its key focus is on medical centers. For instance, surgeons and physicians get a hold of $184,920 a year, which makes them a top-paid job in the city. If you are a surgical tech, get a pay that is $30,000 more than the usual wage.

If you want to find more highest paying cities, you can also do your own salary comparisons by city. If you need expert services for your job application tool, RPW is more than willing to help you!