Heartbroken Job Seeker’s Guide to Moving on [Infographic]

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job seekers: moving on tips
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Rejection is probably one of the most heartbreaking things that job seekers can go through. You availed the best CV writing service, dressed in your most professional-looking outfit, and thoroughly prepared for the job interview. But you still didn’t make it? *sobs*

To every heartbroken job seeker, forget the rejection and move on in a healthy way. The tips below will help you deal with the unfortunate circumstance and guide you on the next steps. Don’t be disheartened. Your turn for that rewarding career might just be waiting for you in the corner. It’s never too late for you to start again. Furthermore, you’ll surely keep getting better with your job search that you’ll be able to impress every hiring manager. You are sure to receive calls for job interview invitations in no time.
Job Seekers: Moving On Tips

Moving on Tips for Broken Hearted Job Seekers

Rejection is one of the toughest things in life to deal with, especially in job hunting. Heal your wounded heart and start fresh with these tips:


  • Don’t talk about it.
  • Don’t replay the scenario in your mind.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.


  • Relax and clear your thoughts.

Let It Out

  • Find harmless and productive ways to channel your feelings.
  • You can cry, shout, go for a run, or do boxing to release it.

Get Over

  • Leave all negativity in the place you released it.
  • Get over it.

More Tips:

Don’t take it personally.
– It won’t make you less of a professional if you didn’t meet a company’s criteria.

Don’t use the interview to suffice your need for professional validation.
– If you know your value, the right employer will soon know it too.

Don’t bring it up
– Rehashing the situation with your friends won’t help you move on.

Accept reality.
– Rejection is part of growing up.

Blame no one.
– You did your best. There’s no one to be blamed for it.

You’re not alone.
– You’re not the only job seeker and certainly not the only one who experienced rejection.

Entertain yourself.
– Rejuvenate and bring back your positive self.

Wounds heal in time. The best thing about being rejected is learning about your weakness and using it to your advantage for your next job interview. Resume Professional Writers will help every job seeker make a fresh start with a world-class quality resume. Contact us today!

Grab a copy of “Moving on Tips for Broken Hearted Job Seekers” infographic by clicking here.

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