Google Resume: Why Everybody’s Interested in It

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Sure, Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s corporation is just the best place to work for in the whole wide world. And since many are vying just to have a cubicle in their office, you are entering a cut-throat competition with achievers and high-end professionals. If you’re looking for some pieces of advice in making your Google resume, you’re in the right place.

Effective Ways in Writing Google Resume

If you’re really earnest in snagging your dream job in this acclaimed company, follow this key steps:

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1. If this is serious business, mean serious business

Since you’ll be entering the nest of a technological giant, take the application like it’s the last application of your life. Trust me in this, all tricks have been tried by the others, from sheer tweeting Google jobs to more drastic measures like producing a humorous and semi-ridiculous video resume, but none have worked. So the last and the most viable option you have is to finally take the road always traveled. “But how will I stand out?” you might ask. The answer, brood, is simply excelling and highlighting your uniqueness.

2. Never apply just for the free gourmet lunch

We know, we know. Along with the fat paycheck comes free laundry, free haircuts, power lunches, open fitness center, subsidized massage, and so I could go on with the list. However, hiring managers will know if you’re a person who applied just for the perks and not out of keen interest to develop with the company. Prove that your skills and personality will be worth the gravy.

3. Do a lot of research

Though the job posting may not require you to have initial knowledge in specialized skills, programs and software you’re about to use, it still pays to know what exactly are you applying for. Not only in technological companies but in others as well, due research will add a plus points when you have to customize your resume for the specific employer.

4. Avoid cutesy, only include essential information

Make your Google resume precise. Don’t add something because it matters to you. Include it because it matters to them. It may take you a lot of revisions because it’s really hard to determine which is worth the space of your one pager. But it really counts that you know what to exclude and include in your personal advertisements. Get straight to the business and show off your abilities of relevance to the job.

5. Show that you share the same value with them

Most employers, especially those like Google, are looking for the few people who can be a cultural fit with them. Excelling companies don’t outstand just because they accidentally got the right formula for great services and products. They outstand because they are composed of people who are unique enough to make a change.

6. GPA is not everything

Of course, there are many overachievers out there, not counting the Ivy League Graduates. This may be a great credential for you. However, everything you did in school is unfortunately just a part of what they need to know. So don’t go flaunting your academics too much or they might get the impression that it is all you’ve got there. As an innovator, what they need are people who can think out of the box, or at least, analyze by their own minds. Those skills can never be taught in schools, never let them miss your Google resume.

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