With millions of Americans still out of employment, getting hired is not easy. Applicants not only find it difficult to look for a vacancy, they also find it challenging to compete with a number of job-seekers to acquire a single post.

In the same way, recruiters also find it arduous to seek the best candidate among a pool of hopefuls. Due to a huge number of job-seekers, companies have become too picky and have arrived at a multifaceted recruitment process to determine the perfect candidate for a certain job position. Applicants are often forced to endure the long and complex course of hiring only to be able to stay on top of the game.

Among the crucial processes involved in a job application includes the following:

  • Screening Process (Applicant Tracking Systems)
  • Interview Processemployee holding a “hired” signage
  • Interview Follow Up
  • Applicant Talent Assessment
  • Drug Testing
  • Background Check
  • Credit Check
  • Reference Check
  • Job Offers
  • Paperwork Completion
Getting Through

Screening is the process of evaluating an applicant’s qualifications via his or her resume. Through this step, recruiters are able to identify upfront the candidates who have the best and the most suitable potentials for the job.

For each candidate, getting through this stage is an indication of proceeding to the next level/s of the hiring process. So, screening certainly plays a critical role in landing a job.

Screening might be done by a hiring manager, a selection panel, a committee, or by automated selection software. A ranking system is likely to be considered.

Whether a machine or person conducts the reviews, resumes have remained an essential tool of the applicant assessment process.It continues to be the sole determinant as to whether an applicant is to move forward or not in the recruitment course.

Musts in Resumes

Having its great influence on the first hiring decision, resumes should be powerful enough to catch the interest of the evaluator. And one of the most effective ways to grab attention is meeting the specific qualifications that the organization requires for a candidate.

Here are some of the common questions used by hiring managers when reviewing an employment application:

  • Is the person actually qualified for the job position?
  • Are there gaps in employment?
  • How long did the person work for each previous employer?
  • Has the candidate received promotions from previous employers?
  • What skills can the applicant bring to the company?

Job-seekers need to consider and comprehensively respond with the above questions to be able to survive the screening and recruitment process.

The Need for a Professional Resume Writer

An expertly written application has the advantage of satisfying what hiring managers or executive headhunters look for in thousands of career documents they receive each day.

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