Once Upon A Dream: Gender Pay Gap Will Not Exist

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Based on the report of the World Economic Forum, it’ll take 100+ years bridging gender pay gap. Also, a 2018 study by Payscale showed that in every dollar a man earns, a woman only earns 77.9 cents. But is 100 years of waiting possible? All women out there will agree we can’t. Don’t worry; stop the long wait to live a fairytale-like life. It’s time to bridge the gap.

So, what does this mean? As female job seekers, you need to strive so you can make what a man earns. Thus, you, as a strong, independent woman, must learn how to negotiate salary.

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Gender Pay Gap Challenges

Before you light your torches and march the streets, why not correct your salary negotiation mistakes first? This way, you’ll avoid hindrances to your happy ever after. Below is a list of mistakes female applicants should avoid.

1. Women Don’t Prepare for How Much They Want
Eighty-four percent of employers expect job seekers to discuss salary in interviews, Salary.com reports. This means, before an interview, research the position’s market value and gauge how much you want to receive. It’s also important to set a walk-away point.

2. Female Applicants Have Lower Expectations
In particular, it’s common among women to bargain the best they can for others. In businesses, this practice is unavoidable in the past. But buck up ladies! It’s now prohibited to ask, “how much are you earning?” in many states. Though, you should not ask for much, cater to your progress, too. Don’t hesitate discussing your successes to recruiters. This way, your skills and successes influence offers you receive, not your old salary.

3. Ladies Chalk Off Their Concerns to Communal Cause
Because women care for the common good, they settle on what the companies give to prevent arguments. However, this should not be the case. Brave yourself to ask for a raise. While others may regard women who negotiate a higher salary as assertive and greedy, if you deserve one, say so.

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Wish Come True: Women Salary Increase

Do you wish to receive pay raise? It’s not only for the sake of closing gender pay gap; it empowers women, too. As your fairy godmother, here are gifts of tips you need to get that pay raise!

1. Prepare and Know Your Worth
If you want to get that pay raise, you must prepare to pitch why you deserve that raise. Lay out the groundwork; keep a record of your every victory at work; and support it with measurable metrics. Women need varying strategies because of gender biases. Likewise, choose the language to use when you negotiate a higher salary. Bear in mind employer’s view. What do they gain if they increase your salary? Most importantly, negotiate in person. Other mediums could make you sound bossy and direct.

2. Package Yourself as the Answer to their Problems
Your market worth is more important that your previous salary. So consider your experience, skills, contributions, and the job demands in negotiating. Apart from your experience, let hirers know what more you can offer. Present yourself as a capable woman as an equal, or better than your male co-workers.

3. Present Compelling Arguments
To bridge the gender pay gap, prepare reasons hirers can’t deny. Further, engage in the art of anchoring. Direct the meeting on the skills you offer, not on your earlier job salary. Finally, arm yourself with data before the salary negotiation. If you have the highest grade, check whether it meets the market value. From that, decide if you’ll accept or walk away from their offer.

4. Practice Silence and Role-play
Pregnant pause is awkward in any conversations. One method you should master is to become comfortable in silence as you negotiate a higher salary. This is, saying the salary you want then following it with silence. It may compel the hirer to name a price higher than you asked. You must role-play with someone you trust, expect different situations, and prepare various game plans in order to master this technique.

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Secret Weapon

Hear ye! Hear ye! We bring good news. No matter how long it may happen, steps occur to bridge gender pay gap. If you don’t want to wait for 100 years in a tower, your fairy godparents could create a stellar resume to snag that dream job!

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