Top 5 Follow-Up Interview Habits You Must Avoid

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Doing a follow-up interview is one of the most vital things you should do after you have met and spoken with the human resource personnel of the firm in which you have applied for a job post. It shows them your interest in the position and serves as a reminder for them to call you when results of the interview are out already. But how do you do a follow-up interview properly? Here’s how:

Top 5 Annoying Follow-Up Interview Habits to Avoid

Annoyed Interviewer

#5: Calling too early or too late.

Don’t call too early in the morning because the interviewer may have just arrived and is starting to work. Keep in mind that doing an interview is only a part of his or her job. He or she has other tasks to handle. Also avoid calling very late hours, before the end of the shift and by lunch break, because this can be annoying to the person you’re calling.

#4: Doing repeat calls.

Not being able to answer your call only means two things: either the person you are trying to reach is busy or the phone was left somewhere else. You wouldn’t want to leave a bad taste on the interviewer by having several missed calls.

#3: Not sticking with letter format.

Even with text messages, stick with the standard letter format, with a proper salutation, body, and ending. Doing so lets them see you’re a pro. If you can send the message through email, it would be much better.

#2: Writing an inappropriate email subject line.

Assume that the HR personnel, or whoever interviewed you, receives multiple emails every day. You don’t want yours to end up in the spam folder by not having an appropriate subject. So make sure to write a proper and professional subject line. Include in your subject your purpose for sending the e-mail and make sure it’s clear.

#1: Following up outside the specified date.

There might be some instances wherein the employer sets the date when you can follow up on the status of your application. Make sure to stick with the given date and avoid communication outside of it.

Doing a follow-up interview will be more effective if executed properly and avoiding the usual errors will be a great help.

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