When writing your own resume for the first time, it’s comforting to know that you can go online and check for samples. But there are some ups and downs in using online examples as your guide.

Why Use Them

First, here are the pros:

  • Give you the basics – If you are just a newbie in writing your profile, you will surely want to know the basics. Assess your abilities and sort out what to include, what to exclude, and what to highlight. Through resume samples, you’ll get ideas on how to format your summary and arrange the sections.
  • Provide you formatting ideas – With the vast number of templates available online, you can get different ideas when it comes to choosing a format. From chronological to functional or the combination, you can find them all on the Net.
  • Help you create a better version – If you are a creative person, you can get better ideas just by viewing online samples. If you are just finding ideas for an impressive resume, then you are definitely in the right place because the World Wide Web houses an array of guide for your career profile.
Why Ditch Them

Aside from the positives, using online samples also has its negatives. Here are the cons:

  • Too generic – Most online samples of career summary contain general details and format. If you plan to make a stellar resume that reflects your true capacity, then copying cookie-cutter templates might not be your best choice.
  • Irrelevant wordings – Samples of resumes online may not actually meet your specific needs. You might try to even copy the words from the examples and put them on your own career summary. But before being a copycat, think first if these words are relevant to your target job. Most newbies make this one big mistake. It’s much better if you can come up with better wordings and terms for your own tool. Online samples can only help a bit when you prepare your own.

Online resume examples may either make or break your application. If you really want to get an edge against other job applicants, then get help from professional writers today!

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Image from geralt at pixabay.com