Not all jobs are as tough as the ones in government. Since all of these involve the delivery of public services, elected executives have to make sure they perform their tasks well and on time. Want to work in the public sector? Well, you have to endure a lot before you can get into it: tough job search, long process, boring resume writing, and being in the public eye. Before you can gain entry in the public sector, search the federal jobs database. It gives you a hint on what career path you must take.

Getting Help from the Federal Jobs Database

The US government has a website showing the list of job posts up for grabs, USAJOBS. The site is so easy to use and contains useful info. Its main page allows users to search for jobs based on keyword, job title, control number, agency name, and skills. Likewise, users can just enter his or her desired location for work. It has pages for various job seekers such as veterans, students or recent grads, senior execs, and even PWDs.

Federal Jobs Database: Sectors and Skills To Qualify 

What are the jobs you can grab? Resume Professional Writers compiled a few of these sectors and here’s the list from the federal jobs database, along with the skills you should possess to qualify for the post:

  • Human Resource 

Almost all agencies need HR experts, both new and seasoned workers. If you have knowledge and experience on HR laws, policies, concepts, and practices, you have an edge over other hopefuls. As for skills, you must have analytic, diagnostic, good oral, and writing skills.

  • IT 

As the world goes “high tech” each day, the government is in constant need of IT people to fill a lot of jobs, from the federal jobs database, the most in demand jobs are encoders to systems analysts. Basic technical skills are a must. A higher and complex post requires you to be good at all programs, languages, and software.

  • Healthcare 

There are many vacant posts in the healthcare sector. These are not only for health and fitness experts but also their aides and other workers. You just have to showcase your skills in a certain field to get the job.

  • Public Affairs 

According to federal jobs databases, many agencies are still in need of people who can communicate well with the public. If you want to pursue such a career, you need to have supervisory, good verbal, and social skills. Knowledge on policy formulation and public dealings is a must.

These sectors are only a few among many that offer great job prospects.

Can’t Write Your Own Resume?

After using the federal jobs database, it’s time you create your own job application tool. If you can’t write your own summary, seek our help. Contact 1 (800) 845-0586.