Prior to online job search websites, the newspaper has been the best place to find work. With the rise of the Internet, we now find hiring ads through private and federal jobs databases.

Evolution of Federal Jobs Database

Before the Internet

Back in the 1800s, post ads were used to promote job openings, including federal jobs database. Most of the time, employers would just put up posters in front of their shops to inform people that they need workers. Those who can pay for press services announce their hiring through newspapers. So, job seekers then would settle for words of mouth or walk in to apply for jobs.

Federal Jobs Database: When the Internet Came

In 1994, Robert McGovern founded NetStart to help firms list their job openings on their Web sites. This helped them manage the emails they get from the posts. After earning millions, McGovern turned the software into a website. It became CareerBuilder in 1998. Later on, he bought CareerPath and Headhunter. In 2004, CareerBuilder announced that they would also cater to government jobs, and thus became a federal jobs database.

To promote their sites to the public, two new job sites named HotJobs and Monster thought of using Super Bowl ads to gain fame. Monster’s ad was a hit and took the top spot among all work websites. Yahoo also joined the job board trade by buying Hotjobs. In 2010, Monster bought Yahoo Hotjobs and became the strongest in the trade, federal jobs database included.

Federal Jobs Database Today

Aside from Monster and CareerBuilder, many other job sites joined the trend by posting jobs from both private and public sectors. This gave people better means of finding jobs online. As of July 2014, here are the popular work sites along with their estimated number of visitors:

  1. Indeed – 36M
  2. Monster – 23M
  3. GlassDoor – 21M
  4. CareerBuilder – 20.4M
  5. SimplyHired – 12M

Aside from these sites, there are also websites that act as federal jobs database such as:


As many websites now offer job search services for people in the US, finding the right job is now easier than how it was in the past. By using the federal jobs databases online along with other work sites, you can now find the best federal job to fit your skills today. So get your federal resume ready and start finding jobs online now!