Overcoming the Awkward Employment Gap in Your Resume

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How to explain gaps in employment on a resume is as hard as solving jigsaw puzzles.

Indeed Hiring Lab recently reported a steady job growth that lifted the hopes of many unwaged Americans. In the said data, employment rose to 78.7 percent, the highest point it reached since the recession in 2009. This trend inspired jobless folks who don’t know how to explain gaps in employment.

More working adults seek jobs now that the US economy progressed. Following this positive development, how equipped are you to prove your potential and find job in the workforce?

What are Employment Gaps?

Human resources experts describe employment gap as an extended break from work lasting months or years at a time. During this period, the person has no job or has not produced an income for a lengthy period.

A Job Seeker Who Does Not Know How To Explain Gaps In Employment On His Resume.

Different Reasons Employees Shy Away from Work

Women normally leave the workforce when they choose to be full-time homemakers and care for their little ones after giving birth. Knowing how babies grow up fast, they quit their jobs and attend to their kids for the meantime.

Similarly, dads may resign to watch the daily lives of their kids. Apart from the steep childcare costs, most fathers choose full-time parenthood so they can spend quality time with their children.

Aside from child rearing, there are a few good reasons for gaps in employment: workers resign to study, do volunteer work, travel, or care for sick relatives. Though such reasons are understandable, a long hiatus might still hurt job hunters’ chances when they return to work.

Staff dismissed during company crisis, people fired from their former job, or workers who had to take time off to recover from sickness can stay idle for a longer period. But hirers may not know the whole story. Hence, gaps in your employment history will make them curious or doubtful of your skills; so you must explain any gaps in your employment in the most positive way you can.

How to Soften Negative Impacts of Lapses in Employment

Recruiters view your broken work history as a flaw unless you convince them to think otherwise. They will ignore your resume and turn down the chance to invite you for an interview. Others who get job offers get salary cuts, which mean they work for lesser pay. Given these troubles, how can you control the damage and avoid failures?

HR perceives the gaps in work history as stunted growth and a waste of your potential. You could combat this thinking and prove your worth with these tips:

1. Work the functional resume.

This style focuses on skills and actions over employment history. By using this template, you stress your abilities and veer their attention away from your career break.

If you have been studying, highlight related coursework you took or any seminars you attended to suggest your further training in preparation for the job at hand. If you have been volunteering, include relevant skills you learned from your gigs.

2. Outline your work history in years, not dates.

You may hide your work gap in your resume but make sure you explain any career lapses in your cover letter and during the interview.

How To Explain Gaps In Employment Is Like Solving Jigsaw Puzzles.

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

Integrity is an admirable trait and you get points for discussing the awkward issue with confidence. Recognize it in your cover letter while assuring your future employers that your break does not affect your credentials.

To overcome this possible setback, prepare a valid explanation that shows your strong character. You should not shy away such queries on your employment gaps; likewise, you must not lie to your interviewer. You will find that a good employer appreciates your honesty and offers you a job despite your work gap.

Having a Hard Time Explaining Gaps in Employment?

One good way to explain your gap in employment is by looking for resume samples online. Also, a sample cover letter explaining gap in employment can best accompany your application so the hiring manager will know your situation, a crucial factor that would determine if you are going to get a job interview invite afterwards.

But here’s a better option: you might need to find expert resume writing service if you are struggling to craft your own application. They can turn your negative employment gaps into positive and display your professional flare. Though you can find several resume templates and sample letter online that will teach you how to explain gaps in employment, no one can match the brilliance of resumes written by these experts.

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Photos by Tim Gouw and Pixabay from Pexels


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