Effectively Explain Termination in a Job Interview

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Receiving a termination letter is hard. Some got overwhelmed with different emotions, while some lose their confidence. But finding a job after the unfortunate incident is even harder. So, if you are among the ones undergoing this phase, stand your ground! You need not to live with the stigma forever.

Here’s for the job seekers aiming to start anew without getting caught with the question: “Why were you fired?

A Man Explaining His Termination From Previous Employment

1. Tell the truth about your termination, but explain briefly

No matter how tempting it is, don’t lie. Take note that employers have the knack to smell lies. So if you lie, recruiters may reject your application in an instant. Moreover, lying leaves a blot in one’s career worse than layoff. Cite the real reason(s) for the termination, but never talk about it for too long. Settle for a one-line explanation instead. You don’t want to drag any further attention to the blotted part of your background, do you?

2. Never blame anyone for what happened

No matter how bad your experiences were in your previous company,  don’t complain about it during your interview. Because if you do or if blame anybody for your termination, recruiters might think that you’ll badmouth them too in times of misunderstanding.

3. Spill the story impersonally

If the interviewer continues to grill you about your unemployment, you may spill details, provided that you drop them lightly and without a hint of bitterness. Briefly explain your termination in the job interview as if you’re a distant observer of your life. Remember, you have limited time so don’t hang on the subject like you’re confiding in a buddy.

4. Do not make it a big deal

But of course, termination is a nothing but a big deal. Who won’t get upset when you got stripped off your living and routine? We understand. But keep that attitude in front of your prospective employer and you might score a bad rep. Folks, you’re applying to get the job, not to air your grievances about your former company.

5. Focus on your ability

Here’s the key to acing an interview: highlight the positive and diminish the negative. If you’re trapped in a difficult question, always focus more on the solution rather than clinging to the problem. The art of job interview is all about bringing out the good side in every subject in question.

6. Tell not just what happened; tell what you learned

This is the fortunate console to any prospective employer. To avoid receiving the awkward, strange look from hirers for too long, discuss the ways your unemployment improves you as a professional. Even if the hiring manager only asks the reason for the layoff, mention the knowledge you gained from the experience too.

The key to explaining termination in a job interview is not to story tell  the entire event . Go on reveal it—what occurred and how you improved, but never ever make excuses or disparage your former employer. Come out in the interview like the termination only happened to improve you.

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