When you were younger, what did you imagine an executive assistant does? You might imagined that this person is the right hand of every big boss; as depicted in the movies. However, reality awaits when you apply as an executive assistant. Hence, in the competitive job search, arm yourself with the best executive assistant resume!

Executive Assistant Resume 101

How will you convince hiring managers of your worth? Make a lasting impression using your best job profile. But what should you put to stand out? Here’s a tip:  If you want to be an executive assistant (EA), don’t just look for sample resume skills. They won’t do wonders alone. Your executive assistant resume must show your certifications (certs) and trainings to make them hire you.

If you target an Executive Assistant post, you might find it hard to go into the doors of the corporate world without the required trainings. After all, you will soon work with a CEO and other top execs, so expect that you will go through a tough screening process.

Executive Assistant Resume for US-based Job Seekers

Your communication and clerical skills isn’t enough for you to snag the job. Step up your search and advance you future career with professional trainings.

If you’re looking for an exclusive EA certification in the US, you’d be wasting time as there’s no particular one. However, you can take related trainings and college degree programs so you can earn your merits. Find out which ones you would suit you and which looks good on your executive assistant resume:

  • EA diploma or related degree program ~ You won’t get an EA job unless you have the right education. Good thing, you can choose from many technical schools and community colleges that offer such program.
  • CAP credential offered by IAAP ~ When you apply, you will be screened based on your degree and work experience. If you don’t have a college diploma, then you will be required to have more years of practice in this field. You need to pass a multiple-choice exam to score the certificate.
  • Other programs ~ Aside from your formal training in school, you may also take time to get more training offered by recruitment agencies, other firms, and Web sites through various software.

Once you have one or more of these trainings, sure you’ll be a good fit for the post you want. These can help you improve your hiring chances, provided of course, that you have a stellar executive assistant resume.

Which Sample? Which Words?

Have a hard time finding the right skills to put in your executive assistant resume from online sources? Then you won’t be able to place the words sought by hiring managers.

Your skills or areas of strength alone can serve as keywords to support your quest. Don’t miss out these words or you won’t get the chance to work with CEO.

Include these:

  • Technical Skills (typing and basic computer and online applications)
  • Office Procedures
  • Business English
  • Research
  • Business Support
  • Time-saving measures
  • Planning and Scheduling

By now you have an idea what must go in your executive assistant resume. Do you need more help beyond what’s written here? Don’t worry. You may seek career advice from experts who offer resume writing services.

Trivia: Did you know most EAs are women and sometimes, a mom to boot? Saddle up and get to know how moms cope with career demands. Who knows you can even pursue your dream to become an interior designer.

Image from geralt at pixabay.com