The Company That Led Me to My Dream Federal Job

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Have you ever thought of working for the government? With the many paybacks of federal workers, anyone will see it as an ideal job. Despite the great rewards, one thing is true. It is hard to land a federal job.

I applied, but with the method and tough race, my first application failed. Though I hired a resume writer, I did not make it. The degrees I earned were not enough. My school may have honed my abilities but not my experience. While I had practicums, they were too short. Federal employers look for job readiness, which, I admit, I still lack.

I worked in a private firm that served as my training ground to learn key skills and gain more knowledge. For four years, I worked at a drug company as a chemist. In those two years, I did not waiver in my plans to become a federal worker. For me, working for Uncle Sam is more rewarding. The government offers better pay than private firms. Overall, it reflects job security and financial growth. My degree as a chemist is very competitive. Yet it cannot vouch for a federal spot. Here are the reasons why:

  • Federal Job requires strict obedience to the rules.

No one can loosen up the tight rules of staffing in the federal government. Although I am the most qualified person for the job, but if I did not follow directions, my federal job application will be put away.

  • Other applicants have the skills I got, as well.

Applying for a federal spot is a serious matter. The government always upgrades the workforce. They set strict rules in picking the best candidates. Thus, my federal resume and essays must have high quality statements that will cause officers to hire me.

  • I am not a good writer.

The “narrative” is the most crucial part of the staffing method. Hiring officers use them in choosing who to hire and who to drop. In my first try, my KSA just showed my skills.

In my next try, I was firm to pass. Knowing my writing flaws, I sought help from Resume Professional Writers (RPW). Michelle King assisted me and understood my worries. She read the guidelines and organized my application. Michelle made sure my know-how fits the job. She created a concise yet great narrative. It showed my skills, how I got and used them in my past jobs. I am sure every boss who reads it will choose me.

It is hard to get a federal job. Yet I was able to outdo it by having two things—a great resume and a strong narrative. These got me a job at the National Institutes of Health. This will not happen without the help of Resume Professional Writers.

For high quality narratives for your federal job application, check out Resume Professional Writers’ Federal Resume Writing Services. You can contact 1 (800) 845-0586, too.

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