DOD Resume: Points to Consider When Applying for a Job

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The US Department of Defense (DOD) gives a lot of opportunities for people who want to use their skills to earn a federal job. If you want to apply in the DOD, there are some points you should consider for success, including how to write a DOD resume.

Perks of working in the DOD

Aside from great pay and benefits, working in the DOD also gives you the chance to serve the country by being part of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. A career in the DOD is usually considered by many as a challenging but also rewarding one. Joining the Department means being part of more or less 800,000 heroes who take pride in defending the Nation’s interest.

Job search

Same application process is followed for all DOD agencies. To find the job you are looking for, you need to wait for a vacancy announcement from an agency. Make sure to read the post fully for vital instructions, such as those listed in the “How to Apply” section of the ad. Specific info such as duties, responsibilities, location, and salary can also be viewed from the ad. If you think the job is the right one for you, you can send your resume to show your interest to the recruiter.

Writing a DOD resume

Federal resumes are a lot different from those for the private sectors. DOD resume need to be very detailed (four to six pages) and containing all required details specified by the agency. Failing to meet requirements might cause for rejection. The tone for content needs to be some sort of a narration. No need to use lots of bullet points here. Be specific with your job descriptions as well as outcomes and time frames. Provide also lots of details with regard your education, skills, and qualifications. In the same manner, your work history should be complete and not lacking any vital detail. To make your copy more effective, make sure to include important keywords that you might find in the job requirements/duties section of the ad.

Hiring the services of resume writers

If you are not sure how to write your copy effectively, you can hire the services of resume professional writers to do the job for you. Look for providers who offer federal resume writing, which is much different from the regular resumes. Examine also their packages to know which ones bring the best value for you.
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