Resume Professional Writers Disputes Rip-Off Issues

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Resume Professional Writer (RPW) is a prime resume writing company with years of solid industry experience. It has produced resumes that have stood out from the tough competition and has resulted in the successful employment of many of its clients. And these are not merely decorative words or depictions meant to entice clients and win new projects. The company has positive evaluations and testimonials from real satisfied clients to prove its credibility.

But, just like all other businesses, RPW has its own share of detractors that only intend to ruin this positive reputation in an instant. In fact, recent rip-off reports, write-ups, and negative criticisms are trying to devalue the credibility of Resume Professional Writers as a reputable and reliable writing firm. However, these criticisms are obviously inaccurate and without basis.

Not All Reviews Are Authentic

With the Internet turning into a giant, global marketplace, it is not surprising that companies resort to various tactics only to attract consumers online. They go to Facebook, Twitter, web advertisements, and search engines to sell their products and increase their traffic. So I even pay a few bucks only to compose a positive review for their own services.

Unfortunately, as these review services are already becoming a part of the business, it’s hard to determine which ones are fake and/or real. One such case is that of In February 2012, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was convinced that the site wasn’t able to assure the legitimacy of the reviews being posted on their page. In a statement, the agency said that: “while TripAdvisor took steps to monitor and deal with suspicious activity, it was possible that non-genuine content would appear on the site undetected.”

Feed Your Mind Only with Credible Information

  • Before trusting every word you see on the Web, please consider first the following important points and reminders:
  • Anyone can publish on the web.
  • Differentiating credible from fraudulent online information is always an issue.
  • Though search engines rank material based on algorithms, results may sometimes not be relevant to what you need or what is reliable.
  • Reporting sites admitted they do not investigate, confirm, nor corroborate the accuracy of a submitted material or the credibility of the author.

Complaints against RPW: True or Mere Detraction

Pretty sure, you have accessed the web and you have read tons of information online. But, would you trust everything you read? No! You should compare information with other resources to check its credibility and authenticity, especially on reports.
RPW establishes its credibility in the industry through the following accounts:

  • Growing number of returning clients.
  • Positive testimonials of satisfied clients.
  • Certification and membership (RPW is a certified member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, an association of career professionals. It is also a credited member of the Career Directors International, a globally innovative and comprehensive, multi-discipline career association).
  • Organizational makeup. The company is composed of professional, competent, and certified resume writers.

Meanwhile, as regards the said negative reports about RPW, though these web sites (where the reports are posted)require its users to be truthful and accurate on their submissions, the sites admit that they do not guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of all reports. Further, they suggest their readers to:

  • Be an educated consumer;
  • Read what its readers can, and;
  • Make a decision upon an examination of all available information.

With all the facts presented, the negative reviews on Resume Professional Writers, therefore, should not be taken entirely as fact. They are definitely false, malicious, and are perhaps fabricated by detractors or second-rate competitors.

To check on the company’s good track record and credibility, visit its website or call 1 (800) 845-0586.

Photo by Andri from Pexels

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