The Differences between a Bad and a Difficult Boss

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“Be thankful for all the difficult people in your life, and learn from them. They have shown you exactly who you do not want to be.” – Anonymous
There are two different bosses in the workplace: The vindictive one and the one who plays “hard-to-get” to the team. Is your boss mean or just being difficult? It’s a common habit that we associate the word “tough” with negative connotations such as “rude,”,“hard,” or “bad.” In the workplace setting, this causes our struggle determining who the real bad boss is. Is he/she the one who leads with an iron fist or the other who pushes you to the limits?

The Different Bosses

Don’t be quick to judge. Here are the characteristics that separate a difficult leader to a bad boss:

What a Bad Boss Does

  • Shout obscenities and show favoritism
  • Demand the impossible and steal credits
  • Belittle members for failures and poor quality of work
  • Focus on himself and is hard to please

What a Difficult Boss Does

  • Delegate tasks with respect and know who to trust
  • Can be demanding, but give compliment when a challenging project is done in expected time frame and quality
  • Push the team to work hard to grow their skills
  • Appreciate even small things and is easy to appease

A difficult boss is tough because he/she believes you can do more. If you’re having a hard time coping with this type of leader, follow these quick tips:

  1. Identify his/her expectations and motivation.
  2. Don’t let his/her toughness affect your work ethic. See it as a challenge.
  3. Help him/her lead the team.
  4. Figure out what triggers his/her frustrations and disappointment.
  5. Keep it professional.
  6. Communicate.

Which side will you pick, the rough or the tough? Whoever you choose, keep your positive and professional demeanor and you’re sure to handle different bosses at your workplace. Good luck! Job seekers, if you’re looking for the best resume writing company, no need to go anywhere else. Resume Professional Writers will help you land your dream job! Our free resume examples will prove we can turn your old resumes from “Ow!” to “Wow!”
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