Salary Relocation Tool: Is Delaware Good For You?

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When you want to move to Delaware or DE, find out first if it is the best place to live. You have to make sure that this state can give you a good job and a thriving life. A Delaware salary relocation tool can be very beneficial to you.

Best Jobs in Delaware

Based on latest surveys, below are the highest paying jobs and most in-demand careers in Delaware. If you want a good pay, you should aim for these jobs.

Top 15 Highest-Paying Jobs in Delaware Median Wages, 2013
Hourly Annual
1. Anesthesiologists $90.00+ $187,200+
2. Chief Executives $90.00+ $187,200+
3. Dentists, General $90.00+ $187,200+
4. Internists, General $90.00+ $187,200+
5. Obstetricians and Gynecologists $90.00+ $187,200+
6. Physicians and Surgeons, All Other $90.00+ $187,200+
7. Psychiatrists $90.00+ $187,200+
8. Natural Sciences Managers $84.68 $176,100
9. Sales Managers $74.72 $155,400
10. Family and General Practitioners $70.24 $146,100
11. Pediatricians, General $70.21 $146,000
12. Advertising and Promotions Managers $69.78 $145,100
13. Computer and Information Systems Managers $69.32 $144,200
14. Podiatrists $69.02 $143,600
15. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers $67.88 $141,200

Best Features in Delaware

If you choose Delaware to start anew, it is not a bad idea because of these things:

  • Mean household income is $49,545 (DE makes it in the top 10)
  • Low property taxes
  • No sales tax
  • A gentle way of life
  • Less traffic
  • Easy access to water and major cities
  • Good weather
  • Home of great learning institutions

Best Things to Do When You’re Looking for Jobs in Delaware

If you have set your eyes on one of these Delaware jobs, then you need to have your resume ready. Make sure that you have earned the credentials needed for the job. So here are tips you could use in your job hunt:

  • Use the right template.
  • Use the most basic font.
  • Give complete contact details.
  • Have a relevant content.
  • Highlight the required skills and experiences for the Delaware job.
  • Make sure that the layout is easy to read and free from any errors.
  • Use action verbs and go for positive words.
  • Be truthful, but think of the right details to make your resume look better.
  • No need to write personal details like your age, status, and the like.
  • Use social media to reach more people and employers.

With these things, all you need is a Delaware salary relocation tool to know if it is a good place for you. Want to check out other states, as well? Maybe you could start with Alaska. If you want more help, you may seek career experts‘ help.

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