Cover Letter for Job Fair: How to Make a Good One

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A female job seeker getting ready to prepare a cover letter for job fair.
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Given that job fairs are open to all—from students to seasoned professionals, assume that your job search is going to be a tough battle. It is usually a one-day event where you should strategize to outshine other hopefuls. And what’s the best way to beat them? A cover letter for job fair can do wonders.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Should I bring a cover letter to a job fair?”

While cover letters aren’t required, no rules restrict you from handing one. Actually, presenting it along with your resume helps you to stand out in job fairs. This way, you imply having the strong intent for the position.

Tips on Making Cover Letter for Job Fair

How can you make a good cover letter to bolster your hiring chances? Heed these tips.

1. Use proper heading.

You should place a heading to show a professional image. You can use the same header you used in your resume. Be sure that your header contains your contact information so hiring managers can reach you. Then, use the usual letter format that contains vital parts: date, salutation line, and your message.

2. Make a strong opening piece.

Create an initial remark that describes your expertise. You can cite an achievement, personal belief, values, or sort out the career that fits you. For instance, you can write, “I am an aspiring chemist who graduated from University of Texas looking for an entry-level role. I look forward to be part of your reputable company that, in my belief, will give me professional progress and on-the-job learning.”

Alternatively, your opening paragraph may contain information that presents reader with focused details about the post you pursue.

3. Show that you have researched their company.

Exemplify that you took extra effort to visit the company’s website. Doing this signifies you prepared hard to know them well just to get a job. When employers find these things, they see you as someone who has diligence, and they will trust you. To leave a good mark, you can say, “Being in the industry for a decade, I believe your company can help advance my career and sustain my personal growth.”

4. Tailor it based on the company’s needs.

After your research, you sure know the company’s vision, mission, and corporate values. That allowed you to learn the nature of the business, and the kind of employees they need. So your cover letter for job fair should respond to their needs. This way, you’re conveying not just your interest to work in their company but your qualification as a perfect candidate. For instance, you want to pursue a career at an oil company. Write, “As a new breed of chemical engineering graduate, I have the potential to support your company’s endeavor to use advanced technologies. I am equipped to take on an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy in the future.”

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