Resume Writing Guide: Overturn Your “Trashy” Life with a Job

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Everyone has his own imperfections. As a job seeker, you don’t want to ruin your application by letting hiring managers see your own flaws.

Do you want to get a job to overturn your “worthless” life? This guide will help you write a winning resume.

Choice of Words

The way you describe yourself and your qualifications is very crucial in swaying your future employer. Thus, you must be careful in choosing the words for your resume.

“Awful” Skills

  • Reality: You are so hooked on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, and can’t stop spending over 10 hours going online each day.
  • Improved resume version of your skill: Social media specialist
  • Reality: You are not good at using Mac because you can’t afford to buy one.
  • Improved version: Windows-based PC maven

“Worthless” Work Experience

  • Reality: Your former boss fired you because you spotted the vulnerabilities of and tried to intrude the company’s network systems.
  • Improved job description (make it positive, as an accomplishment): Exemplified potentials in ethical hacking
  • Reality: The post you held was as a “messenger,” but you played a vital role in the company’s daily transactions.
  • Improved job title: Business communications conveyer

“Negative” Personal Traits

  • Reality: You are slow at carrying out tasks, but you make sure you get the details right so you won’t have to repeat them.
  • Improved description: Detail-oriented, organized individual
  • Reality: You can’t focus on performing a particular task and enjoy doing several things at the same time instead.
  • Improved description: Ability to do multiple tasks
  • Reality: You confidently talk in front of a crowd and enjoy sharing your thoughts.
  • Improved description: Good verbal communication skills; confident and assertive individual

Useful Tips

So how can you be sure you’ve written the best piece to give your hiring chances a boost?

  • Look for relevant resume samples.
  • Learn current trends and apply them onto your piece.
  • Put keywords but do not overstuff each section of your resume.
  • Don’t focus on the negative aspects of your life as a person and a professional.

Now that you know the key to an impressive resume is having a good choice of words and creative thinking, you can draft your own resume.

If you can’t translate other “imperfect” details to something good, seek resume writing help. Our team of expert resume writers can make you the fittest candidate for your target job.

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