Constant Flow of Communication — Job Hunter’s Note

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An employee ensuring constant flow of communication with a client.
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I just want to share an interesting story that happened a few months ago. It was the time that I needed a job to support my studies.

In early 2013, I had a problem: financial constraint. This affected my studies, but I was bent on finishing my course. I thought that having a job will help, so I tried to create my own resume. It was my first time to craft such a tool. I had a hard time doing it. In fact, it took me five long hours to do the “boring” work. Feeling unhappy with my resume, I had no choice but to try my luck. I sent out copies to four companies. As expected, I did not make it. I did not get a phone call for an interview. It was an awful writing, but it did not stop me from chasing my goal. Instead, I looked for other options.

Getting Resume Writing Services

I heard stories about online resume writing from other people, but I did not believe them. I never thought that I would need help from a skilled writer. Though I do not know him, I have to trust him with my personal data. I was cautious to tell my friends. What I did was I went online and looked for the best 10 resume writers. I used this keyword to find “reliable” search results.

To make the story short, I trusted the one on top of the results and relied on the list of “best” writers.

Here’s what happened:

  • I visited the site that topped the list
  • I contacted the company
  • I talked to an agent, inquired, and discussed my problem with my current resume
  • I listened to the agent’s comments and took her advice.
  • I chose a package and paid for it
  • I was told my resume was assigned to a writer named Mia
  • I was asked to wait for the first draft in 3-5 working days

The Power of Communication

To be sure I was dealing with the “right” company, I always asked the writer on the work’s progress. Mia and I communicated through e-mail in the first three days. I was thankful that she was patient and understanding.

On the fourth day, I got my copy. I was amazed when I saw it. It was great! I sent an e-mail back to the company and said:

“I worked with Mia to have my resume updated and re-organized with my recent accomplishments. Throughout the whole process, she was nothing short of helpful, polite, and professional. I enjoyed the constant flow of communication and quick response time. The final product was nothing short of what I expected. Thank you!”

Now, I enjoy working while studying. Thanks, Resume Professional Writers for the quality resume your provided to me!

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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