7 of the Most Common Time Killers at Work to Avoid

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Not all employees go to work to get work done. There are instances—a lot of them—wherein company staffs waste time doing other things, which results to production decrease and even possibly revenue loss.

What are these common work time wasters that we are all guilty of and should avoid?


common work time wasters: Internet
I know it’s easy to be distracted by those tempting articles while we’re doing our research, but it does waste a huge amount of time.

Solution: Give yourself a set time for research. You can read an extra article or two, but limit yourself to that.

Social Media

common work time wasters: Social Media
There are companies who forbid employees to access personal social media accounts during work hours. But let’s be honest, you can easily get away with it.

Solution: Don’t open your personal social media accounts at work. That’s just it.


common work time wasters: Emails
Picture this: It’s a Monday and you haven’t checked your email the entire weekend. You open it up and BAM! 200 emails waiting. So what do you do? You check them all of course. Once you’re done 2 hours have passed. On top of that, you check it throughout the day.

Solution: Check your email once you arrive and again before you leave. Just twice a day. Scan through the emails, and open only the important ones.


common work time wasters: Meeting
Oh those meetings that take up a huge chunk of time out of your productivity every month but don’t really accomplish anything. This can’t be blamed on you, but there is a way for you to make the most out of it.

Solution: Listen intently and take notes if it is something that concerns you. If it doesn’t simply notify your boss that you have more important things to attend to that needs your immediate attention.


common work time wasters: Interruptions
Admit it, some interruptions are very much welcome. But unfortunately they are also a waste of time.

Solution: If you’re in an open work space, put a headset on and most people will get the message that you don’t want to be disturbed. You can also put a “Currently Busy” sign.


common work time wasters: Socialization
Socializing with co-workers is a good thing as it develops camaraderie. But too much of something is always bad. Catching up during work hours takes up a lot of time as you’re having much fun.

Solution: Chat with your friends during coffee breaks and/or your lunch break so you won’t have to talk about it during work time.

Wrong Prioritization

common work time wasters: Prioritization

This happens more often than we are willing to admit. You work on something for a long period of time only to find out that there’s something else that requires your attention. Did you explode a little bit? Yeah, that tends to happen.

Solution: Have a tabletop calendar and note down your tasks and when they are due.

Wasting time at work is not the best way to spend your days, because productivity is crucial to a happy and fulfilling career. Make the most of your job and be the best you can be!

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