College Admission: Should a Resume Have a Cover Page?

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When you want to get into college, should a resume have a cover page? You have to! This way, you don’t have to stretch out your resume just to impress the admission team. Your cover letters will do it for you.

5 Reasons a Resume Should Have a Cover Page

Here are the things your cover page can do when you apply for college:

1. Defines your potentials.

Admission officers would want to find what it takes if they admit you in college. You also have your essays and recommendations to further your qualifications. But they are just part of knowing you well.  Your cover page goes beyond making an impression. It can show off your skills to be viable in college.

2. Draws out a clear identity.

With many hopefuls out there, you have to make yourself very noteworthy to admission officers. In sending a resume, alone, do you think they can go back to your name after a few seconds? You need to present a coherent speech showing who you are. Write what makes you a credible person. Your cover page, of course, can say in full details info that pertains to you. If you were able to create a good pitch that leaves an impact, they will not forget you.

3. Shows your interest to finish a degree.

Colleges would want to see signs if you have a genuine interest to finish your degree. Are you sincere enough to get a degree? This is one thing that the admission officer would like to know. They want to give that slot to someone who deserves it.  Through your letter, you can tell your passion for getting in college.

4. Conveys proof of good things you can give.

Your resume alone, cannot justify that you are credible enough to go to college.  But your letter can discuss things and reveal sources to make your qualities valid. From there, you can cite that someone endorses you to this school.

5. Makes college admission success.

You might say that your essay is enough to apply in college. What if it fails you? Will you settle for that? This is the reason most college applicants should have a resume and a cover page. Unlike essays, this letter is a natural writing. Admission officers could sense if your pursuit for higher learning is genuine. As such, a cover page can save you from losing that chance.

Why agonize over an abridge profile? Your cover page can give in-depth details. So remember not to break their classic team up in applying for college. Let them work hand in hand for your own good.

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